What is Interior Design?

So what is Interior Design? Interior Design means how to design a MODEL  and LAYOUT for a room so it meets the needs and desires of the owner.

What is Interior Design?

There are several things that should be considered while designing a room:

1. Room Functionality
We need to know what the function of the room is, such as a karaoke room, dining room, study room, etc.
2. Furniture Model
All things in the room are called FURNITURE, such as cabinets, chairs, tables, panels, beds, and shelves.
3. Material Quality of Furniture
The furniture quality can be seen at the furniture finishing, such as fabric, wood surface, etc.

Three points that I mentioned above, can help you to create a comfortable room that make the owner feel comfort in doing the activities in the room.

What is Interior Design and Why You Should Learn?

Interior design is useful yet powerful. Many things can be achieved with interior design, including:
1. Efficiency
A small-size room for example, can be made to a comfortable room with the
dimension setting or model and size of the furniture.
2. Atmosphere
Rooms with well designed interior are able to bring the atmosphere / different feeling every
time we enter it, which can make the owner feel warm, or even feel proud when there are guests enter the room.
3. Identity
Room with a good design has the identity that can be differentiated by the other room – for example we can clearly see a difference between “Living Room” and a “Family Room”.

Until this part, I guess you will ask this: “How can I have a room that fit the above criteria?”
There are several ways to get a good interior design, such as:
– Look at interior design books
– Ask for an Interior Designer
– Find interior design ideas online, as you see in this blog.

By reading interior design books / interior design blogs, they will help you to create a great inspiration and ideas on how to create your “own” design.

However, after get the idea, the next question is: How to make it happen? Does my room fit with my idea? Can I change the material that mention in this book? I want this model, but can it be simplified? How to combine two models that I love into one room?

Well, actually this is the role of Interior Designers who have the deeper knowledge about interior design.

A Good Interior Designer will help you to:

– Realizing these ideas into your own room.
– Set a budget according to the owner desire.
– Suggest a good furniture finishing, and the last is..
– Make it happen.


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