Interior Designing – 6 Tips from an Interior Design Expert

The interior decoration and Interior Design is a professional job. You need Interior Designer to make your living space a home.

The problem of the modern era is space, and therefore, it requires thorough understanding of the art, culture local climate, and the family size with the age group to design a perfect home.

Given a few square mile area and the healthy greenback support you can create Xanadu, but building a dream home within a few hundred square feet of space need Interior Designing Experts.

1. Dividing the space

The first job is to allot the space; if you have kids or teens they will need separate living space, you need a living room and then comes the bedrooms. In the case your parents are living with you, then you need another bedroom. In fact, you will need you will need if you have kids them three a three bedroom apartment with living room and a dining space with kitchen and the toilets. Now, if your apartment is a two BHK, then you have to plan the space accordingly. Much depend on the floor plan and odd corners. The odd corners with proper planning can change the décor with intelligent planning and proper furniture and fixtures.

2. The furniture matters

The selection of furniture matters. The tips from interior decorator experts at present are to use a mixed bag. The ultra modern, sleek furniture needs a classical corner or center table made from highly polished mahogany or teak wood table to add contrast. The jury is divided on the opinion about the glass top dinner table or a polished hardwood like teak or walnut. The point is how big space is and whether you can afford to place a permanent fixture or not. If space is short, then you have to go for utility furniture. If space is small, then don’t cramp the floor with furniture it will look like stores, use the walls instead.

3. The flooring is important

The climate of your area is critical; if the weather is hot and humid, then stone flooring is a good idea it will give the room a cool look. But in an area where the temperature reaches subzero, you can’t go for stone and wooden floors will give you the warmth that is identical with the definition of home. Therefore, plan your flooring accordingly, in a cooler climate, you have the choice of using carpet and where you can’t change the flooring you can change the aesthetic of the rooms by clever use of the rug. In a tropical climate, the carpets are more of botheration and health hazard unless you live in centrally air-conditioned apartments. In that case, you can use the carpet to a good effect. But remember the size of the carpet is important it must reach up to the chairs in such a manner that if you are sitting on the couch, the carpet must be under your feet.

4. The color planning

The color plan must suit the overall aesthetic and décor; remember the color, the furniture, and the flooring give your apartment the overall ambiance, even the windows have a story to tell. If your window is seven feet high and a wooden one it will have a different style statement from three feet metal window. Your taste and class depend on these fine points, and that gives your apartment your personal touch. Therefore, color planning must match with ambiance and your style statement. The color palate of the living room and the bedroom has to different from your study area.

5. The lighting arrangement

The lighting arrangement must be entirely different from room to room, and there must be enough light points in every room so that you can get light from the top, from the middle section, and the bottom space. The lighting will complement the color and the purpose of the room. A few while designing the interior will prefer a chandelier over your dinner table. Another designer will reject the idea outright and go for two overhanging lights to give a candle light dinner like ambiance both are excellent but which one is the best will depend on the character of the homeowner. A very flashy lighting plan never goes well with the senior citizen’s home, and it must be changed.

6. The home decor

You know the difference between a living space and home. Home is different from a living quarter; it has a personality and different aura. It depends on you and also on your budget. However, you can contact the Interior Design Services to give you an idea to change your home.


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