Feng Shui Living Room Layout Decorating Tips

We’ll learn about feng shui living room layout today. Did you know that living room is an important part of the house? This is because the living room is like the face of a house. Like humans who met the first time by staring directly into the face, as well as the function of the living room. Nice face will reflect that the person is warm, so the guests will feel comfortable to visit the owner’s home.

In addition, living room can also reflect the homeowner’s personality. The living room is a space where the family is gathering together or a space to welcome guests. People who visit your home will know who you are. Is your living room neat or just messy, it will greatly reflect who you are.

So there’s nothing wrong tidying your living room. In addition to make it look clean, it will also make guests feel comfortable when visiting at your home. Here, the role of Feng Shui is needed in arranging the living room so that you get good luck and convenient communication with your guests.

Feng Shui Living Room Layout Decorating Tips

Here are Feng Shui living room layout tips that you can apply in your home.

1. The shape of the room

Use a rectangular shaped room as your living room. Don’t let your living room forming a diagonal cut. If this happens, it can mean your family members are missing or losing. That’s according to Feng Shui expert Jane Kumala.

Try to avoid a diagonal living room based on Feng Shui

2. Material Selection

Selection of materials should also be considered in applying feng shui living room layout. It is associated with fortune. A good Feng Shui living room’s tiles are pattern regularly, or it could be plain. This is because the neatness of tile can affect homeowner’s finance, and even it’s possible to see that the homeowner doesn’t like to stay at home. Living room’s door should also be set to open inside the room because it is closely related to the fortune acceptance.

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Feng Shui living room’s tiles

3. Decoration

Living room is good for hanging decoration painting that gives the sense of maturity or life, for example, rice painting in the middle of the mountains or koi fish painting. You can also place an aquarium containing fish, it is a sign that even though you’re out, there is still life in your home.

Another appropriate Feng Shui decoratio is urn shaped vase which is a sign of prosperity. You can also put a mirror / glass as a way for the incoming light can spread throughout the space of the room. However, it is noted that you may not place a mirror directly facing the entrance or facing the stairs and toilets.

Well, those are tips for arrainging a good feng shui living room layout. Let’s do yours!


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