Eight Ways to Make Your Guests Feel at Home

“The art of hospitality is making your guests feel at home, even if you wish they were” –Donald Coggan

Every once in a while, you will certainly be entertaining guests at your home whether it is for a simple dinner soiree or hosting them overnight. Admittedly, it can be a bit exhausting to have extra people within your walls—especially if you only have a few hands to help you with the chores. It may mean some extra work for a temporary time, but who does not love having guests? It provides a fresh break to our daily grind, is an open avenue for socialization and camaraderie and is one way to foster and cultivate family ties if you are hosting relatives. Hosting guests can be something you can look forward to by making sure you are a gracious and welcoming host.

Eight Ways to Make Your Guests Feel at Home

Apart from that, it would also help if you made your guests feel right at home. Here are eight ways you can do exactly that:

1.)    Serve refreshments – Regardless of whether your guests are staying for the night or are just visiting or are in your home for a dinner soiree, be sure to serve them some refreshments as soon as they arrive. A hot pot of tea on a tray for the rainy days or a pitcher of orange juice in the summer would be appropriate. Make sure to have these prepared before they arrive, though, you would not want to come across as unprepared when they arrive.

2.)    Make things easy to find – If your guests are staying over, have their towels ready by the bed or the bathroom counter or by the night stand. Additionally, if they are early risers than you are, leave some basic breakfast which they are welcome to eat.

3.)    Include them – If you are short on help, do not be afraid to ask for necessary assistance from your guests. You would be surprised how more than willing they would be to help you should you need anything from cooking dinner or breakfast to clearing the table after a meal.

4.)    Lay down your house rules – To avoid miscommunication and any mishaps as regards your regular house routines and their needs, let your guests know of your house rules. Be courteous in laying them out and should a rule not be amicable to them, try to compromise.

5.)    Clean the house – You do not only want to make a good impression on your guests, but you would want to make them feel welcome as well. Guests would feel more at home if your home is at least clean. It gives them the impression that they are expected and that they are welcome to stay. For an olfactory effect, set a fragrant candle or potpourri in their bedroom.

6.)    Provide reading material – Select a few good books and maybe some magazines which you can place by their nightstand or on their beds before they arrive. This is also a convenient chance for you to get your guests to read something you have wanted them to by subtly leaving it in their rooms.

7.)    Share some house secrets – This does not necessarily mean you would give them a house key which they can use anytime as they please. But things such as the WiFi password and the alarm code should be shared.

8.)    Be Yourself – Your guests are not expecting an immaculate house, so do not put too much pressure on yourself. Being a gracious and welcoming host is enough, you do not have to bend over backward just to make sure they feel at home. Providing them with the basic necessities, making them feel welcome and making sure they are comfortable should be enough.


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