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15 Small Living Room Design Ideas

Living room is the heart of a house and it’s also the most public space in a house because we invite guests in this room. It is also the best place to express your personality and sense of style. It doesn’t need to have a huge living room, as long as it’s well organized and comfy, it is more than enough. Today we will list 15 small living room design ideas that will give you new inspiration.

Even when the space is limited, these designs that we have for you today are examples of how one can express their sense of style in the limited space. The rooms ranges from colorful rooms, black and white ones, traditional, contemporary and modern ones. This post surely will inspire and impress you. Take a look at these photos for you!

15 Lovely Small Living Room Design Ideas

Small Living Room Design Ideas (1)

Four chairs with a center table. This room is very well-organized as you can see from the cabinets.

Small Living Room Design Ideas (2)

Colorful living area! Two couches with a wood table and a large window. What else do the guests ask for?

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Small Living Room Design Ideas (3)

I fall in love with this contemporary living room. Orange color really matches with white color.

Small Living Room Design Ideas (4)

We have come to this modern living room. The sofas contrast with the floor and the area carpet create a focal point in the room. Cool!

Small Living Room Design Ideas (5)Small Living Room Design Ideas (6)Small Living Room Design Ideas (7)

Chic living room. White sofas against the accent wall with a huge TV. It’s more than enough to welcome your guests.

Small Living Room Design Ideas (8)

Although this room is small, the design is beautiful. Couch, TV and lamp – the main elements of a living room.

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Small Living Room Design Ideas (9)

A tall potted plant at the corner of the space. It’s very good if you have a high ceiling room. A comfy chair near the window is a nice place for reading.

Small Living Room Design Ideas (10)

L-shaped sectional sofa in a modern living area. Actually this room is not really big, white color fools the eye into thinking the room is bigger than it really is. That’s the main reason why many interior designers use white color in their designs. Besides, white color is really easy to mix with other colors.

Small Living Room Design Ideas (11)

black and white living room

A black and white living room. Simple but comfy.

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small traditional living room

Small traditional living room design. Many chairs are put mean more people can sit!

Small Living Room Design Ideas (12)

What a lovely modern living room. I personally like to put plants on the room.

Small Living Room Design Ideas (15)

We have come to the end of the post, these photos are just amazing, aren’t they?. Living area is the widest part of a house since it’s where we welcome guests. But, keep in mind that it doesn’t matter how big or small your living room is, what it’s important is you’re able to entertain your guests and you’re able to express your self.

6 Tips How to Decorate a Living Room on a Budget

Is your living room decoration never change for years? You’ll learn how to decorate a living room on a budget from this post. We always have to buy new furniture or remodeling a whole room, it’s more than enough to use the existing furniture.

Tips How to Decorate a Living Room on a Budget

Here are 6 actionable tips you can use today to decorate a living room without spending much money.
1. Modern Style Furniture
Modern style furniture has a simple design and sleek, but sometimes can look boring and not attractive. You can make it looks more attractive by adding texture. For example, put a carpet on the floor, colorful decorative pillows on a sofa or floral and foliage picture decoration.

2. Add Unique Detail
Make the room becomes more unique with unusual detail. We can put books like tower and place it on a corner.
3. Decorating Shelves
The play of color is a secret key when decorating a shelf.
Select two or three different colors but still the same harmony and combine them. For example, yellow-light green-dark green, red-orange-pink or light blue-dark blue-white. Of course you can put small cups, vases, small plates, alphabet boxes or uniquely shaped teapot. Decorating based on the size of the furniture, remember always ranging from small to large or vice-verse.

 4. Wall Decoration

Bored with white or neutral color walls? Try combining two colors (ex. dark orange and white), put a vintage chair or hang a variety of shapes and sizes of photo frames on wall. Simply select one of the four parts of the walls, paint with light pink, purple, orange or other pastel colors.

Add the elements of three-dimensional shades over the wall. For example, various sizes of decorative plates, patterns and colors or a framed mirror.

5. Photos
Photo collections beside can add a personal touch to living room, they can be helpful on how to decorate a living room on a budget, but you have to put them in a proper way. We can put photos on the wall along the stairs, put a photo with a matching frame on the shelves or hang black and white photographs on the bright-color wall.

6. Focal Point
Each room requires a focal point, which is the component that most attract attention and make people’s eyes go immediately to the object when enter the room. Focal points can be a unique design furniture and large poster or medium-sized mirror in the middle of the room.

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Easy Living Room Interior Design Guide

Do you need to modify the living room interior design and are you looking for some tips that you can use to get the best from your living room? This guide provides you with quick, easy and money-saving ideas to decorate your room.

Simple Living Room Interior Design Guide

  1. Wall color

Choosing a neutral color background is a good start, white would not be a bad color to start with. Neutral colors make it possible to use any colors of pillows and rugs, it’s also possible to use furniture in any colors of your choice.

Living Room Interior Design

White wall color with a gray accent wall

  1. Accessories

Many people choose a neutral tone for their living room because it allows for easy decorating to the interior design of the living room. You can change the pillows, curtains and other decorative accessories as you like it to go with the current season. To create a perfect interior design for spring, you can use a vase of flowers, flowered pillows and sheer curtains. While gold and red velvet and oriental floor rugs would be a great choice for creating a winter feeling. Candle holders can be added to create a perfect winter design.

  1. Lighting

Lighting is an important factor of creating a great living room interior design. You should also have neutral undertone to utilize the lighting or get a new set of lights. You can also modify the shades to suit to your mood or the season, keeping in mind the wonderful effect that shades have on the lamp. White shades would be perfect for spring, and floral shades would be great for a romantic feel.

With a bit of creativity, you can tailor the interior design of your room to your style without have to spend a lot of money. When it comes to interior design, the only limit is your creativity. Pour your ideas into your living room and you will be amazed of your great living room interior design.

15 Wonderful Ideas for Living Room Decor

Living room is the space that we spend most of our times with our friends and family. I am really happy to list the ideas in this post. I browse many of living room design ideas and these 29 ideas are the best for me.

Ready? Let’s get started.

15 Wonderful Ideas for Living Room Decor

1. Pattern Play

ideas for living room decor

Photo by Photo: Karyn Millet; Designer: Hillary Thomas Designs

Pick a color theme and mixing patterns in the living room. This design mixes reds, greens, and browns to create a beautiful space. It uses brown sofa, pink chairs, and green ottoman.

2. Beautiful White

ideas for living room decor

Photo by Photo: Ron Royals; Designer: Lisa Sherry

Many interior designers love using white color because white color can make a room feels larger. You can use different textures too to create your own living room style.

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3. Reading Space

ideas for living room decor 3

Photo by Photo: Ron Royals; Designer: Lisa Sherry

I know many of us like reading in living room. It’s easy to create a space for reading time, just drag a cozy chair next to a bookshelf or over to a window to provide enough light for reading.

4. Simple yet Comfortable

ideas for living room decor 4

Photo by Photo: Ben Gebo; Designer: Annsley McAleer

A Chesterfield sofa with ocean blue, bamboo-side chairs with lime green, and black and white pattern carpet. There are two wide windows near the green bamboo-chairs to provide ample light for reading books. I love the concept.

5. Modern Room

ideas for living room decor 5

Photo by Uma Stewart Interior Designs

Aside from two little chairs that against the wall, there is an extra large table with a unique design. The edge on the table will keep your board games and drinks from sliding onto the floor.

6. Large Space Arranging

ideas for living room decor 6

Photo by Tilton Fenwick

Sometimes decorating a large space is a little bit challenging. The best way is to use an extra-large sofa to stretch out the entire room. The idea is to use an over sized piece of furniture against a wall and put other plus sized accessories (ex a large ottoman) to cover the gap.

7. Staying together

ideas for living room decor 7

Photo by Photo: Peter Dressel; Designer: Frances Herrera

Bring a few splatters of pattern in a neutral room to make it looks more interesting. Look at those throw pillow designs, they’re great and nice to the living room theme.

8. White and Pink

ideas for living room decor 8


If you use a white sofa, then you can use these pink and grey throw pillows to make the living room look more modern and colorful.

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9. Green and Gold Living room

ideas for living room decor 9


This living room is very interesting. It uses graphic prints, wall hanging accessories, and perfect combination between green and bright golds.

10. Modern Bungalow

ideas for living room decor 10


This design features gray-and-cream theme with nice touches of orange color. This living room is just cozy, elegant, and beautiful.

11. Citrus Design

ideas for living room decor 11


Lemon yellow and lime green will make your living room feel wonderful and warm.

12. Reading Corner

ideas for living room decor 11

Stacey Bass

Look at the sofa and orange pillows. The sofa is upholstered in water-resistant fabric so you can put your feet up without worry.

13. Superb bookshelf

ideas for living room decor 13


The floor-to-ceiling bookshelf is just amazing, put your achievements & books inside this bookshelf to show off to guests.

14. Lively Design

ideas for living room decor 14


Rich purple accents are perfectly combined with the blue and white sofa. Not saying the small plant that makes the entire room becomes perfect.

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15. Light and Elegant

ideas for living room decor 15


White couches and garden-style accents makes this living room simple lovely and elegant. You can also use pattern throw pillows to prevent the room look like a hospital room.

10 Most Unique Wall Clocks for Living Room

For some people, wall clocks for living room are just the same as normal clock, what do you think? The placement of the wall clock actually doesn’t only mean to show the time, but also the room decoration. DO you agree?

In this post I’ll show you 10 most unique wall clocks for living room and how to choose a good one, living room is a gathering place for guests, families, so living room have to be comfort, fun, and yet attractive. What is the role of wall clocks in living room? Unique wall clocks can decorate living room and also make your living room becomes more beautiful. Many people especially give their own time to find the right wall clock to be used as home decoration.

3 Tips on Choosing Wall Clocks

Here are some things to consider when we want to put wall clocks in the living room.

1. It is not recommended to put a big clock on living room. Because big clock isn’t really suitable to be put in living room, and beside that clock will lose its function as accents in living room.

2. Before putting the wall clock, it’s a good idea to consider the room theme. There are different themes of living room in interior design, so don’t forget to make sure your room theme is blended with your wall clock.

3. Choose wall clock color wisely, it is recommended for you to choose the wall clock color that contrasts with your living room wall color. So your wall clock will be eye-catching and it’s easy to look at it.

10 Most Unique Wall Clocks for Living Room

Look at this wall clock, I love the material and the curly style.

Light green clock on dark green wall, it always works!

This is my favorite, beautiful and elegant clock.

Wait, where’s the clock? Oh yes, butterfly clock, beautifully placed on the wall. I loved it!

Amazing wall clock against with the wall.

I love the details of this clock, beautifully made.

Now, I hope you get some fresh ideas now about choosing the best wall clock for your living room.

16 Modern Living Room Decorating and Design Ideas

Today we will show you 16 modern living room decor ideas and inspirations. Living rooms are for relaxing, socializing, reading books, listening to music and more. You can also eat and drink, watch TV and play. When thinking about decorating the house, living room becomes a top priority in our list. That’s because living room is the center of a house and it is where we welcome guests to our house. To create a modern living room design, you have to look carefully at the quality of the natural light in your room and additional light sources. Natural is never out of style. Most wooden furniture has a natural finish and it’s a good choice for a modern living room decorating. Natural color also brings warmth and character.

You have to separate your needs and your wants when decorating a space. For example, you need space for a couch, TV, lighting, a center table and cabinets. You might want space for DVD storage, toys and speakers. What you want will depend on the size and shape of the space you have. Make sure you have enough open areas for access around the room.

A good sofa is on top priority. After working hard at the office, it’s perfect to collapse in front of the TV and watch your favorite programs. Or maybe you prefer to read your favorite book or listen to music or just relax and do nothing. Whatever your activity, it’s important to have a comfortable sofa in your living area.

16 Modern Living Room Decor Ideas

modern living room decor ideas (1)

Look at the comfy couches. It’s elegant and modern. I like the custom mural, it makes the space more dynamic.

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modern living room decor ideas (2)

A white living room design. The design is simple but looks modern and elegant.

modern living room decor ideas (3)modern living room decor ideas (4)

The area carpet create a focal point in the room. Cabinet is an important furniture to keep your room organized.

modern living room decor ideas (5)

If you have artworks, then you can hang them in your living room. I like the unique lamp, it’s matching to the room.

modern living room decor ideas (6)modern living room decor ideas (7)

A brown modern living room. Brown colors are used at the fur carpet and curtains.

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modern living room decor ideas (8)modern living room decor ideas (9)

A perfect combination of white and light brown color.

modern living room decor ideas (10)modern living room decor ideas (11)

Look at the couches and center table. They are really matching to the entire room. An accent wall is used on the right side’s wall.

modern living room decor ideas (12)modern living room decor ideas (13)modern living room decor ideas (14)

Look at the lighting above. It creates contrast with the floor and ceiling.

modern living room decor ideas (15)

An airy and open space living area. White and grey are perfect combination in design a room.

modern living room decor ideas (16)

It’s not really hard to design a modern living room decor, just needs a little planning and preparation.  What you have to do is to browse as many designs as you can, pick up the best design that suits your room and start designing!

18 Beautiful Black and White Living Room Decor

Living room is the heart of our house and it’s also the place where we gather with our family, friends, or guests. Many of us spend most of our weekend in the living room, it could be reading, relaxing, or watching National Geographic.

18 Black and White Living Room Decor Ideas

Black and white is a very interesting color scheme. They can be bold on their own or together. Black and white is also identical with Yin and Yang, which means two principles in Chinese, one negative and dark (yin) and one positive and bright (yang). Their combination makes rooms more beautiful and interesting. Usually a different furniture like couches or carpet with black or white color does the trick, but the whole idea of having a black and white living room decor is to make a harmonize room, isn’t it?

We will show you our collection of living room design ideas that you can choose to your own home. We have gathered many living room design, start from the simplest one to the futuristic one. Black and white is a perfect combination; young and old, yin and yang, happy and sad are some examples of “black and white” in our life. So here you are, 18 Modern Black and White Living Room Decoration for your ideas and inspiration.



Black and white can create an elegant space when you design it right. This room features a bright circle frame with the modern hanging lamp.

black and white living room decor (1)

The cabinets and white couches at the living room make this a space for work and for rest.

Modern room is two simple words to describe the above design.

Aside from the modern white table, the flower-patterned curtain and the throw pillows are really matching to the color scheme.

black and white living room decor (4)

The purple flower really matches the black and white room. You can put plants or wall art on the wall too.

Modern and elegant. Modern sofas and tables make this living room simple yet elegant.

If you don’t like classic black and white room, using an artistic wallpaper or colorful throw pillows will make your entire room look more natural and beautiful.

black and white living room decor (7)

Three perfect combination: White, grey and black. Look at those throw pillows. They are very sweet put on the white couch. If you want to have a bold color on your living room, then red is a good choice. In this design it uses red stand lamp to make a bold to the living room.

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Sweet and elegant.

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Modern furniture is the key of making a modern house.

black and white living room decor (14)


Look at how organized this room is. I love the concept!

We can go on and show you more beautiful photos and living room designs. The black and white living room decor ideas we just showed you sure made our day. We hope that the pictures above give you new and fresh inspiration on how to design your living room that matches your style, I personally like minimalist and modern living room design and the only limitation is your creativity since black and white is always in trend.

15 Beautiful Red Living Room Decor Ideas

I love red living room decorating ideas because red is a passionate color. Today we’re going to give you easy and quick ways to decorate your home with red color. Red color mixes well with almost any other colors, but many of us don’t know exactly how to use red to get the best interior design.

15 Red Living Room Decorating Ideas

Red Living Room Decor (5)

A gorgeous living room, from tree wallpaper to red curtains to white chair upholstery. The designer added fur carpet on the middle of the room.

Red Living Room Decor (1)

Just pick red chairs and put on the living room to add the red colors to your lovely living room.

Red Living Room Decor (2)

What a nice and lovely design! The designer added matching sofa to the room.

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Red Living Room Decor (3)

If you want to decorate a red living room decor, then the easiest way is to use red throw pillows. You can also use red wallpaper on the other side of your wall too.

Red Living Room Decor (4)
Red Living Room Decor (6)Red Living Room Decor (7)

Red and white is a perfect combination for living room. You can use two colors to your wall, one side uses red color and the other sides use neutral color, like white color.

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Red Living Room Decor (9)

Putting a tall potted plant to the living room is really a good idea. If you have a single piece of wall art, then you could hang it on the wall too.

Red Living Room Decor (10)

Red Living Room Decor (11)

Red Living Room Decor (12)
Red Living Room Decor (14)
Red color means passion, designer Don Raney of Civility Design ( in Chicago says, “Red can go everywhere from cherry and happy to angry and aggressive.” So, that’s the key to keep in mind when using red in a room. Don’t put too much red in a room.

Many interior designers use red as an accent color because it attracts attention of your eyes. Red can be used from walls and couches to candles and pillows. The whole idea is to give a modern design to your house.

It’s pretty easy to decorate room with red color. If you have a red jersey or a red artwork, you can add it to your wall rather than letting them bare. Less is more when it comes to the red color.

Look to your decorating and interior style when choosing shade of red.

Find the Right Red for Your Style

  • Country reds
    Country reds are soft reds. Pick reds with pinkish hues or purplish colors. Examples are scarlet reds or a ripening apple red.
  • Modern design
    It consists of all kinds of reds. You can have primary colors to classic hues. Make sure it suits with your living room design.
  • Contemporary design
    A mix of neutral hues and bold color, usually red or other bold color.
  • Traditional design
    Traditional designs often use black tones instead of primary reds.
  • Transitional design
    This is same like traditional design, involves a neutral hues and accent of red.

Red Living Room Decor (15)

A modern red living room design with dark brown chair and light brown couches is perfect.

So what is your favorite red living room decor ideas in this post? Mine is the one with tree wallpaper. It’s artistic and modern.

Eight Ways to Make Your Guests Feel at Home

“The art of hospitality is making your guests feel at home, even if you wish they were” –Donald Coggan

Every once in a while, you will certainly be entertaining guests at your home whether it is for a simple dinner soiree or hosting them overnight. Admittedly, it can be a bit exhausting to have extra people within your walls—especially if you only have a few hands to help you with the chores. It may mean some extra work for a temporary time, but who does not love having guests? It provides a fresh break to our daily grind, is an open avenue for socialization and camaraderie and is one way to foster and cultivate family ties if you are hosting relatives. Hosting guests can be something you can look forward to by making sure you are a gracious and welcoming host.

Eight Ways to Make Your Guests Feel at Home

Apart from that, it would also help if you made your guests feel right at home. Here are eight ways you can do exactly that:

1.)    Serve refreshments – Regardless of whether your guests are staying for the night or are just visiting or are in your home for a dinner soiree, be sure to serve them some refreshments as soon as they arrive. A hot pot of tea on a tray for the rainy days or a pitcher of orange juice in the summer would be appropriate. Make sure to have these prepared before they arrive, though, you would not want to come across as unprepared when they arrive.

2.)    Make things easy to find – If your guests are staying over, have their towels ready by the bed or the bathroom counter or by the night stand. Additionally, if they are early risers than you are, leave some basic breakfast which they are welcome to eat.

3.)    Include them – If you are short on help, do not be afraid to ask for necessary assistance from your guests. You would be surprised how more than willing they would be to help you should you need anything from cooking dinner or breakfast to clearing the table after a meal.

4.)    Lay down your house rules – To avoid miscommunication and any mishaps as regards your regular house routines and their needs, let your guests know of your house rules. Be courteous in laying them out and should a rule not be amicable to them, try to compromise.

5.)    Clean the house – You do not only want to make a good impression on your guests, but you would want to make them feel welcome as well. Guests would feel more at home if your home is at least clean. It gives them the impression that they are expected and that they are welcome to stay. For an olfactory effect, set a fragrant candle or potpourri in their bedroom.

6.)    Provide reading material – Select a few good books and maybe some magazines which you can place by their nightstand or on their beds before they arrive. This is also a convenient chance for you to get your guests to read something you have wanted them to by subtly leaving it in their rooms.

7.)    Share some house secrets – This does not necessarily mean you would give them a house key which they can use anytime as they please. But things such as the WiFi password and the alarm code should be shared.

8.)    Be Yourself – Your guests are not expecting an immaculate house, so do not put too much pressure on yourself. Being a gracious and welcoming host is enough, you do not have to bend over backward just to make sure they feel at home. Providing them with the basic necessities, making them feel welcome and making sure they are comfortable should be enough.

Feng Shui Living Room Layout Decorating Tips

We’ll learn about feng shui living room layout today. Did you know that living room is an important part of the house? This is because the living room is like the face of a house. Like humans who met the first time by staring directly into the face, as well as the function of the living room. Nice face will reflect that the person is warm, so the guests will feel comfortable to visit the owner’s home.

In addition, living room can also reflect the homeowner’s personality. The living room is a space where the family is gathering together or a space to welcome guests. People who visit your home will know who you are. Is your living room neat or just messy, it will greatly reflect who you are.

So there’s nothing wrong tidying your living room. In addition to make it look clean, it will also make guests feel comfortable when visiting at your home. Here, the role of Feng Shui is needed in arranging the living room so that you get good luck and convenient communication with your guests.

Feng Shui Living Room Layout Decorating Tips

Here are Feng Shui living room layout tips that you can apply in your home.

1. The shape of the room

Use a rectangular shaped room as your living room. Don’t let your living room forming a diagonal cut. If this happens, it can mean your family members are missing or losing. That’s according to Feng Shui expert Jane Kumala.

Try to avoid a diagonal living room based on Feng Shui

2. Material Selection

Selection of materials should also be considered in applying feng shui living room layout. It is associated with fortune. A good Feng Shui living room’s tiles are pattern regularly, or it could be plain. This is because the neatness of tile can affect homeowner’s finance, and even it’s possible to see that the homeowner doesn’t like to stay at home. Living room’s door should also be set to open inside the room because it is closely related to the fortune acceptance.

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Feng Shui living room’s tiles

3. Decoration

Living room is good for hanging decoration painting that gives the sense of maturity or life, for example, rice painting in the middle of the mountains or koi fish painting. You can also place an aquarium containing fish, it is a sign that even though you’re out, there is still life in your home.

Another appropriate Feng Shui decoratio is urn shaped vase which is a sign of prosperity. You can also put a mirror / glass as a way for the incoming light can spread throughout the space of the room. However, it is noted that you may not place a mirror directly facing the entrance or facing the stairs and toilets.

Well, those are tips for arrainging a good feng shui living room layout. Let’s do yours!