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10 DIY How to Decorate a Large Wall in Living Room

How to Decorate a Large Wall in Living Room? This is a common question when you don’t have any ideas how to fill your blank walls. Living room is one of the most important room in your home. This room is often used to welcome guests and spend time together with family. For this reason, living room shouldn’t be only attractive but also comfortable. You are advised to decorate your living room to reflect your style and personality. There are many aspects that determine the look of your living room, such as wall arts. If you are looking for decoration ideas for wall decor, here are some tips for you before we go to DIY section.

In finding the best ideas on how to decorate a large will in living room, you can hang shelves directly on the wall and put the various items on the shelf. It is highly recommended for you to group objects together from several accessories items one by one on the shelf. By grouping the items, you can add a sense of cleanliness and organized.

You can also use the artwork for decorating the living room wall. There are many art works on the walls that you can use. You may want to buy an art base on your style in various stores such as department stores, discount stores, and much more. It is important to choose an art work that reflects your style. However, you still need to consider whether the color of the art work matches the current decoration. Don’t forget to choose color that suits your furniture. Avoid placing a small painting or art work, at least with medium size.

It is possible for you to use fabrics for decorating the walls of the living room. Fabric is able to soften the look and feel of the living room and add unique texture to your wall. By using fabric, you can also soften the look of the living room which has a hard-line material or hard floors or wood or tile. It is recommended for you to cover the entire wall from floor to ceiling. It will help you to create an accent wall.

Okay, I think it’s enough for the introduction, here are DIYs for decorating a large wall in living room.

10 DIY How to Decorate a Large Wall in Living Room

1. DIY for Paper Birdhouses

20 Extraordinary Smart DIY Paper Wall Decor That Will Color Your Life 2 20 Extraordinary Smart DIY Paper Wall Decor [Free Template Included]

20 Extraordinary Smart DIY Paper Wall Decor That Will Color Your Life 1 20 Extraordinary Smart DIY Paper Wall Decor [Free Template Included]

20 Extraordinary Smart DIY Paper Wall Decor That Will Color Your Life 3 20 Extraordinary Smart DIY Paper Wall Decor [Free Template Included]

2. Awesome DIY Paper Flowers

21 Extraordinary Smart DIY Paper Wall Decor That Will Color Your Life homesthetics design 9 20 Extraordinary Smart DIY Paper Wall Decor [Free Template Included]

3. Natural DIY Wall Art

21 Extraordinary Smart DIY Paper Wall Decor That Will Color Your Life homesthetics design 11 20 Extraordinary Smart DIY Paper Wall Decor [Free Template Included]

4. DIY Heart Shaped Pictures Memories

21 Extraordinary Smart DIY Paper Wall Decor That Will Color Your Life homesthetics design 12 20 Extraordinary Smart DIY Paper Wall Decor [Free Template Included]

5. Paper Toilet Recycling to an Amazing Graphic DIY Wall Paper Art

21 Extraordinary Smart DIY Paper Wall Decor That Will Color Your Life homesthetics design 8 20 Extraordinary Smart DIY Paper Wall Decor [Free Template Included]

6. DIY Colourful Bubbles and Textures

21 Extraordinary Smart DIY Paper Wall Decor That Will Color Your Life homesthetics design 13 20 Extraordinary Smart DIY Paper Wall Decor [Free Template Included]

7. Natural Flower Motif Through a DIY Wall Paper Project

21 Extraordinary Smart DIY Paper Wall Decor That Will Color Your Life homesthetics design 16 20 Extraordinary Smart DIY Paper Wall Decor [Free Template Included]

21 Extraordinary Smart DIY Paper Wall Decor That Will Color Your Life homesthetics design 7 20 Extraordinary Smart DIY Paper Wall Decor [Free Template Included]

21 Extraordinary Smart DIY Paper Wall Decor That Will Color Your Life homesthetics design 19 20 Extraordinary Smart DIY Paper Wall Decor [Free Template Included]

8. DIY Paper Butterflies Makes Your Interior Becomes Alive

21 Extraordinary Smart DIY Paper Wall Decor That Will Color Your Life homesthetics design 17 20 Extraordinary Smart DIY Paper Wall Decor [Free Template Included]

21 Extraordinary Smart DIY Paper Wall Decor That Will Color Your Life homesthetics design 18 20 Extraordinary Smart DIY Paper Wall Decor [Free Template Included]

9. Geometric Triangular 3D Paper Art Pattern

21 Extraordinary Smart DIY Paper Wall Decor That Will Color Your Life homesthetics design 20 20 Extraordinary Smart DIY Paper Wall Decor [Free Template Included]

10. DIY Clouds and Hot Air Balloon

21 Extraordinary Smart DIY Paper Wall Decor That Will Color Your Life homesthetics design 21 20 Extraordinary Smart DIY Paper Wall Decor [Free Template Included]

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If you feel the living room wall decorations that you are using now doesn’t match, you can change your wall color and textures. You can use wall paint to create a certain pattern in the living room. Create contrast and focus with paint accent walls. For your information, the accent wall is a wall that is painted a different color from the rest of the room drastically. To paint an accent wall, I will discover this topic soon. Stay tune and we’d glad to hear your comments below!

3 Simple Renovation Tips for Adding Value to Your Home

Battling to move up the property ladder can be extremely tricky. If you’re trying to sell your house before you move on to a new place, there is a lot for you to consider. One of things being maximizing the value of your current property. Most of us don’t have thousands to invest into adding an extension for extra space, or fitting a whole new kitchen, however there are a number of small changes that you can make that will have a significant impact on your asking price.

3 Simple Renovation Tips for Adding Value to Your Home

1. Make sure the structure is sound

Now the initial investment could be a bit costlier than our other tips, however making sure your home is structurally sound is extremely important if you are considering selling your house. Making such repairs is essential, however you can guarantee that you will recoup that cost in the asking price.

Issues you much address include leaking windows, rising damp, loose roof tiles, bowing walls or cracked brick work that is more than cosmetic. Once any potential buyer instructs a conveyancing solicitor, the first thing they will investigate is the structure of the house, so unfortunately you can’t avoid fixing it unless you want to knock thousands of your asking price.

2. Spruce up your front door

A new buyer will judge your house before they have even stepped through the door, so for that reason, make sure the door they walk through gives a representation of what is on the inside. If you’re front door is look drab and not well taken care of, they will assume that what the inside of the house looks like as well. Upgrading your door isn’t a colossal task, however a few simple, and cheap changes can really encourage a sale.

If you have a wooden door, sand it down and give it a fresh lick of paint in a classic, or fairly neutral colour. If you have a UPVC door, take care in giving it a good wipe down so that it looks brand new. Update the finishing’s, such as the door handle, or letter box to give it some additional personality that can really help in selling its features. If you have an older home, brass can works exceptional well, where as new builds tend to look better with chrome.

3. Don’t neglect your hallway

The first place in your home that people will see once they come through your front door is your hallway. It should be a place where people feel welcome, however in most cases it is one of the most neglected parts of the house.

If you want to make an impression, your hallway shouldn’t be a place for dumping your shoes or the pram, it needs to be clear and have a feeling of space and warmth. Get rid of all the clutter, replace the wallpaper and give it a fresh coat of paint. If the space is small, add a mirror on each side of the wall as it gives the illusion of space. sign A Sleep-Friendly Bedroom

Interior Designing – 6 Tips from an Interior Design Expert

The interior decoration and Interior Design is a professional job. You need Interior Designer to make your living space a home.

The problem of the modern era is space, and therefore, it requires thorough understanding of the art, culture local climate, and the family size with the age group to design a perfect home.

Given a few square mile area and the healthy greenback support you can create Xanadu, but building a dream home within a few hundred square feet of space need Interior Designing Experts.

1. Dividing the space

The first job is to allot the space; if you have kids or teens they will need separate living space, you need a living room and then comes the bedrooms. In the case your parents are living with you, then you need another bedroom. In fact, you will need you will need if you have kids them three a three bedroom apartment with living room and a dining space with kitchen and the toilets. Now, if your apartment is a two BHK, then you have to plan the space accordingly. Much depend on the floor plan and odd corners. The odd corners with proper planning can change the décor with intelligent planning and proper furniture and fixtures.

2. The furniture matters

The selection of furniture matters. The tips from interior decorator experts at present are to use a mixed bag. The ultra modern, sleek furniture needs a classical corner or center table made from highly polished mahogany or teak wood table to add contrast. The jury is divided on the opinion about the glass top dinner table or a polished hardwood like teak or walnut. The point is how big space is and whether you can afford to place a permanent fixture or not. If space is short, then you have to go for utility furniture. If space is small, then don’t cramp the floor with furniture it will look like stores, use the walls instead.

3. The flooring is important

The climate of your area is critical; if the weather is hot and humid, then stone flooring is a good idea it will give the room a cool look. But in an area where the temperature reaches subzero, you can’t go for stone and wooden floors will give you the warmth that is identical with the definition of home. Therefore, plan your flooring accordingly, in a cooler climate, you have the choice of using carpet and where you can’t change the flooring you can change the aesthetic of the rooms by clever use of the rug. In a tropical climate, the carpets are more of botheration and health hazard unless you live in centrally air-conditioned apartments. In that case, you can use the carpet to a good effect. But remember the size of the carpet is important it must reach up to the chairs in such a manner that if you are sitting on the couch, the carpet must be under your feet.

4. The color planning

The color plan must suit the overall aesthetic and décor; remember the color, the furniture, and the flooring give your apartment the overall ambiance, even the windows have a story to tell. If your window is seven feet high and a wooden one it will have a different style statement from three feet metal window. Your taste and class depend on these fine points, and that gives your apartment your personal touch. Therefore, color planning must match with ambiance and your style statement. The color palate of the living room and the bedroom has to different from your study area.

5. The lighting arrangement

The lighting arrangement must be entirely different from room to room, and there must be enough light points in every room so that you can get light from the top, from the middle section, and the bottom space. The lighting will complement the color and the purpose of the room. A few while designing the interior will prefer a chandelier over your dinner table. Another designer will reject the idea outright and go for two overhanging lights to give a candle light dinner like ambiance both are excellent but which one is the best will depend on the character of the homeowner. A very flashy lighting plan never goes well with the senior citizen’s home, and it must be changed.

6. The home decor

You know the difference between a living space and home. Home is different from a living quarter; it has a personality and different aura. It depends on you and also on your budget. However, you can contact the Interior Design Services to give you an idea to change your home.

How to Add Warmth and Texture to a Home Using Real Wood

There are many exciting ways to enjoy the natural qualities of wood in our homes while adding warmth and texture. Whatever type you choose for your interior style; walnut, oak or birch – one of the most fascinating characteristics of wood is its versatility and new technology has allowed for endless possibilities in its use, whilst pushing boundaries and creating new shapes. Below are simple ways to add warmth and texture into your living space using real wood.

The Perfect Wood Wall

Whatever interior style you choose for your home, be it contemporary, eclectic, or traditional, a wall with wood insertions has a way of accentuating the warm atmosphere of your house. One way of adding warmth, texture and a feel of the natural outdoors into your home is by dressing up your walls with wooden panels. No longer considered just for cabins, wood panel walls are slowly but surely being used as accents in living rooms, bathrooms and bedrooms, even on fireplace surrounds.

For example, a large and spacious room can sometime feel cold and empty, and installing a wood plank wall not only adds character but also can make the room feel more intimate and homely. Wall panels are also a great way to enliven a room that seem stark. Think minimalist home, smooth concrete floors and architect-white walls and pair that with another part of the wall dressed up with wooden panels. Makes for a perfect focal point or a backdrop for a large art piece. Another great way you could inject warmth into your home is by considering adding a wood plank wall in the bathroom. It lends a serene, sanctuary-like atmosphere to the bathroom.

Wooden Beams & Vaulted Ceilings

Wood is timeless and simply gets better as it ages, taking on a charming glow that quietly emits a proud sense of history and character. We often neglect the ceiling, leaving it exactly how it was after building. However, playing with wood on the ceiling, by using wood trim, exposed beams or even decking, adds an architectural interest to the room and attract the eye upward to explore the space. A good example would be designing a room with horizontal beams to give it a cosy feeling and a fantastic old world charm while raising the decorative elements in the room to a new level.

Wood Flooring Touches

Wooden floors are fantastic in any style of home. Not only do they look natural and warm, they also add subtle pattern and texture and create an organic feel and are an excellent and practical choice. Considering the colour of the wood and how it will contrast yet complement your room is a major factor and a good place to start when adding stylish wooden flooring. For example, think dark oak, as it is an easy way to make the room more decadent and cosier. However, you can opt for a more rustic and pronounced texture as opposed to wood flooring that looks artificially smooth.

Carefully Chosen Furniture

I love the richness of wood and just how one piece can really ground a room. Whether this is in a form of an occasional chair or an entertainment unit; wooden pieces can be great additions to your home decor. The images above are great examples on how to transform your space with a piece of wooden furniture, adding warmth and making it cosier.

You might also what to mix it up as well, the old and new, expensive and inexpensive. Think about that wooden dining table that was once your grandmother’s or perhaps something from a vintage store and how it could co-exist beautifully together with present and modern pieces. Also, blending different grains and undertones can be a great way to achieve a stunning interior. This adds not only warmth but also character and it reflects who you are, your personality and your style.

Keeping it Simple with Accessories


It’s amazing how sometimes the smallest and simplest things make the greatest impact. If playing with wood to a vast extent is not ideal for you, simple accessories and ornaments can ensure that your home is in the midst of the wooden revival.  It could be an additional mirror with a textured wooden frame, a wooden vase on a mantelpiece, or a wooden light fixture in the kitchen. One of the nicest things about introducing wooden elements into your space, is how well it blends with the rest of your interior design – draperies, area rugs as well as furniture. Select decorative accessories that stand out and provide unmatched loveliness to any colour or design scheme if you looking for warmth, unique character and charm to simply elevate your newly redesigned interior space.  And if you are unsure how to give your home or interior space the right treatment, you can always consult a interior design professional who can advise on the right pieces or textures required to give you the finish and warmth you desire.

Landscape Techniques for Low-Maintenance Garden

Landscaping is defined as the art of growing plants for aesthetic purposes of a certain area of land. Oftentimes, it requires a big deal of time for planting, weeding, watering, trimming, pruning, and even mowing just to achieve the desired design. Doing all these things requires patience and passion for even garden lovers find all these things such a hassle. However, there are certain techniques that would cut some time spent in taking care of your garden. Here are some techniques that you can put into use.

Landscape Techniques for Low-Maintenance Garden

  1. The smaller, the better

Planning a large landscape for your garden will be such a beauty. However, you should consider the fact that large landscape will demand much of your time in taking care of lots of plants as well as maintaining their aesthetic quality. So, what’s the better thing to do? Keep your garden small; this means smaller landscape as well. The smaller the landscape, the lesser plants are needed. It lessens the effort required to maintain the landscape since only few plants are planted. It’s better to have lesser number of plants rather than have numerous plants that you cannot manage to maintain.

  1. Do natural landscaping

Natural landscaping means choosing plants that would adapt to the area’s climate and hydrology. Native plants adapt to the growing conditions of the garden area thus, it can flourish without regular hydration and even fertilization.

In addition, native plants provide natural habitat for native organisms that would be helpful in propagation and pollination of flowering plants. Doing natural landscaping is like hiring other species to help you maintain your garden’s aesthetic quality. This is guaranteed a less hassle landscaping technique.

  1. Keep your landscape close

A house surrounded with plants is considered a paradise. Put your landscape close to your house as possible.  You may put a small garden just under your window, for example. You may also have it along the driveway to give your house a 360 degree view of the nature. Trusted enterprises like quebec paving can help you create a coveted driveway that suits our preference.

Moreover, keeping your garden close to your house would give you the perspective that it is part of your house. In addition, this kind of landscape would only require a small area of land since it shouldn’t be too far from your house.

  1. Place your plants accordingly

Always get to know the kinds of plants that you want to include in your garden. Classify them as either tall shrubs or short ones. Never plant shrubs that may grow up to 5 feet long under your window or along driveway (driveway) as this requires frequent pruning. Use dwarf trees and shrubs that require almost zero pruning.

In addition, place plants that need similar care and attention in group. This helps you cut some time in watering. Scattered plants demand much care than plants that are placed together in groups.

All these simple techniques will greatly help gardeners, but above all, a meticulous and careful planning as well as the help of experts in the field (e.g. quebec paving) are the main keys in achieving a beautiful but of low-maintenance landscape. Start planning your garden now and get that classy and glamorous landscape that will surely be the talk of the town.

Smart Ways for Remodeling Your Bathroom on a Budget

You will see that many homeowners will do remodeling when they change their tastes and needs. Remodeling a bathroom is one of the most common remodeling projects. Many people are not sure to remodel their bathroom because they think it will cost them too much money which is not true at all. If it sounds like you, then you have come to the right place, here are tips for remodeling your bathroom on a budget.

  1. Determine a budget

First, you have to determine a budget and make sure you stick to it. This step is really important because it allows you to determine how much money you need for the project. Developing a budget can help you know what you should and shouldn’t buy.

In the first step, you determine whether you have enough budget to hire a contractor or you want to do the project yourself. A bathroom remodeling project is not really complicated and you can actually do this task yourself and save a lot of money. However, if you like to hire a contractor to give you the best result, then it’s better.

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  1. Break into small projects

Break your remodeling project into small projects so that you are not confused especially if you perform this project yourself. This is also an important step. It will help you to know which one you would like to do first and which one is the next once you acquire additional materials and supplies.

  1. Find the best prices

If you are on a budget, then find the best prices for your supplies and materials. You can shop around local store or with the help of the internet can help you get the best prices for materials that you need. Some prefer go to local stores to find best prices for their needs. They often offer discounts and promotions to help you minimize the cost for your bathroom remodeling project. Besides, television promotions, radio promotions, fliers will help you finish remodeling your bathroom on a budget, even under budget.

  1. Blueprints

Find a good blueprints that will guide and help you accomplish the project if you decide to remodel the bathroom yourself. It’s better to find a good blueprint if you decide to remodel your bathroom, but if you just want to redesign your bathroom such as change the old bathroom furniture with the new one or just change the position of the furniture, you are not necessarily need a blueprint.

You can get this blueprint online or offline for free or at a low cost to you. You’ll learn a lot about what makes a successful remodeling project. Here are some of bathroom blueprints.

With proper planning and researching for the best prices for the materials and supplies that you need for the project, you can easily accomplish this project. So these are some tips for remodeling your bathroom on a budget. See you on the next post!

4 Home Refurbishment Tips For Letting Your Home

Refurbishing your property can be difficult, especially when you are refurbishing to let. Maintaining your property is something that should always constantly be kept on top of, and whether they are minor details, or general yearly tweaks, it matters. We do understand that it can be a daunting physical task with a busy lifestyle, however we have come up with 4 tips to help make that process a little easier.

The Finer Details

The finer details of a property can help potential renters with an eagle eye feel assured. Fixing up the little details will help renters feel at home, welcomed and as though they are in good hands. These can be used as potential foundations for renters to haggle prices, if they aren’t quickly amended. Dents, grout holes and tile breaks can all be fixed, so ensure that all the minor details have been taken care of. If you find yourself using a lettings agent, this can then heap pressure onto agents, as they seek for the smaller details can be fixed.

Taps, Bathrooms and Pipes

Nothing can be more frustrating than broken taps, leaking pipes and disgusting bathrooms. These are commodities that renters will consistently use, where they would love to feel comfortable and assured. Again, having dirty bathrooms, or non-functioning taps will show potential renters that the properties isn’t well maintained and not in the right hands. Thoroughly test the facilities in your bathroom and see whether they are properly functioning. Once that is done have a good clean and ensure that everything is sparkling, as a good appearance can help renters feel immediately at home.


In a world where everything a lot is digital, the online presence of the property should be immaculate. You only get one first impression, so the importance of the first impression holds huge importance. Take a look at the way your room is set up and find ways to introduce more space, make it simple and add a touch of colour if need be. These are subtle, yet effective refurbishment tips that can benefit your property in the long run.

Outside Is As Important As Inside

We understand this may not be the case in terms of apartments/ flats, but with homes take care of the garden, or outside areas. The inside and outside of the properties are as equally as important as one another, so take time to pull out the weeds and plant some flowers.