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15 Beautiful Bathroom Shower Curtain Ideas

There are so many different designs available today for new bathroom shower curtain ideas, start from the solid color to stripes one. The only limit when choosing a new shower curtain is your imagination. Many people play it safe with a white curtain. For me, a shower curtain is a focal point of a bathroom and is one of the simplest way to express your style and personality without actually painting a wall violet! You can choose plain, striped, polka dot or patterned. If you want to create a nautical themed bathroom, then you can choose blue and white stripes shower curtain.

15 Beautiful Bathroom Shower Curtain Ideas

15 Beautiful Bathroom Shower Curtain Ideas

You can choose to blend your shower curtain into your bathroom or create a bold statement. If you consider a theme for your bathroom like retro, novelty or Gothic then carefully decide your choice as it can turn into a great inspiration. If you decide a curtain with more than one color, then you it can use to create an accent in the decor for your bathroom.

Bathroom Shower Curtain Ideas (1)

A polka dot shower curtain with combination of white and blue color which is perfect for a classic white bathroom.

To make a whole bathroom decorating then you can consider bathmats, drapes, toilet seat, towels and tank covers. You can also find matching decoration like soap dispensers, toilet roll holders, lamps, wastepaper bins and more.

Need more shower curtain ideas?

  • White color
  • Combination of two colors: black and white
  • Combination of three colors: black, blue and white
  • Your favorite color
  • Beach
  • Ocean
  • Cartoon characters
  • Paris city
  • Sea animals such as fish, seagull etc.

There are lots of choice that you can choose from for you bathroom shower curtain!

Bathroom Shower Curtain Ideas (3)

Bathroom Shower Curtain Ideas (5)Bathroom Shower Curtain Ideas (6)Bathroom Shower Curtain Ideas (7)Bathroom Shower Curtain Ideas (8)Bathroom Shower Curtain Ideas (10)Bathroom Shower Curtain Ideas (11)
Bathroom Shower Curtain Ideas (13)Bathroom Shower Curtain Ideas (14)Bathroom Shower Curtain Ideas (15)

If you want to create a focal point for a novelty themed bathroom, you can choose shower curtains such as monkeys or frogs. You will get a lot of fun in decorating these bathroom themes. Besides, you can change your shower curtain to fit your mood or to suit with special holidays such as Halloween, Christmas, Valentines, Thanksgiving and St Patrick’s Day. If you have a white bathroom with a neutral wall and floor then it’s easy to change your shower curtain as many times as you like. If you are not sure to create a full themed effect then you can try first with a plain or white color shower curtain. After you gain confidence you can change to another bathroom shower curtain ideas such as your favorite sport team curtain, Paris-themed curtain and more.

15 Quick and Easy Bathroom Wall Art Ideas

Bathroom is an important room in any house. It’s impossible to have a house without a bathroom. We start and end our day in the bathroom. Nowadays, people spend a lot of time in designing their bathroom because they take some moment of refreshing and relaxing while they are showering. So, this is why there are lots of bathroom design ideas available for you to choose. Besides, a well-designed bathroom reflect your personality to your guests.

Everybody appreciates a well-designed bathroom. You can decorate your bathroom with a lot of different types of wall art such as metal art, glass arts and more. These are wall art ideas than can be found in modern bathrooms.

Artwork Frames

One of the most common decorating wall today is frames of canvas painting or prints. Many people are using frames artworks to decorate their room. It’s easy to do and works great. You can use frame artworks for bathroom decoration.

The advantages of using this wall art idea is it’s flexible so you can remove and replace it easily.

bathroom Artwork Framesbathroom Artwork Framesbathroom Artwork Frames

Bathroom Wallpaper

There are many different styles and designs for bathroom wallpaper, these wallpapers specially designed for bathroom to create a beautiful impression. You can get historic scenery wallpaper if you are the type of person that appreciates history.

The advantages of using this kind of wall art is that bathroom wallpapers are not easily damage by water and can resist water. Some people think bathroom wallpapers are easily damage by water but they are wrong. Besides, bathroom wallpaper can help to protect your bathroom from fungi and damp attack. Decorating your bathroom with wallpaper can give a significant change to the entire room.

bathroom wall art ideas wallpaper (11)bathroom wall art ideas wallpaper (12)

bathroom wall art ideas wallpaper (13)

Metal and Glass Bathroom Wall Art Accessories

Decorating your bathroom with this type of wall art is a great way to bring the beauty of a modern bathroom. These types of wall arts are usually expensive, but they can give a fabulous look to your bathroom and they are durable.

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Metal and Glass Bathroom Wall Art Accessories (7)Metal and Glass Bathroom Wall Art Accessories (8)Metal and Glass Bathroom Wall Art Accessories (9)

Wall Lettering

This is a type of wall art decoration where wise and inspiring sayings are artistically written on the bathroom wall. Most people especially young ones will like this type of wall art decoration.

Wall Lettering Bathroom (4)Wall Lettering Bathroom (5)Wall Lettering Bathroom (6)

Wall Painting

This type of wall art can use to create a new and beautiful bathroom. This is the best option for people who don’t want to spend a lot of money for expensive bathroom decoration such as metal and glass wall arts for bathroom.

The advantage of wall painting decoration is that you can decide the wall painting for your bathroom. Make sure you choose the wall painting that matches to your bathroom wall color.

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Wall Painting bathroom (1)Wall Painting bathroom (2)Wall Painting bathroom (3)

What type of bathroom wall art ideas do you like the most? I personally like the bathroom wallpaper and wall lettering because they are great!

How to Create a Modern Bathroom Design

There are lots of bathroom interior design styles that you can choose from to create a new bathroom. One of these choices is the modern bathroom design. Many people focuses on designing their public space such as living area but they forget that bathroom is a high-traffic space, so you should consider to create a great bathroom design. It’s not really hard to create an elegant and modern bathroom. Bathroom design can reflect your personality so make sure you use your own taste and style when designing a bathroom.

How to Create a Modern Bathroom Design

Modern Bathroom Design
When designing a bathroom, you should think about functionality as well as design. Modern bathroom design emphasis on the utility, design and functionality. There are bathroom furniture to consider when designing a modern bathroom like toilets, sinks, baths and showers.

Choosing the right color

The first step is choosing the right color. Colors that promote calm and serenity are important. Choosing the right colors is as important as choosing the right materials for your bathroom. You can pick a bright color for walls such as white color.

Modern Bathroom Design


After you have picked your favorite color, the next step is choosing a storage. Storage is an important factor because it can store all your bathroom essentials such as towels and personal care products. You can choose modular storage cabinets to put into your modern bathroom design.

storage Modern Bathroom

Modern fixtures

To create a modern bathroom design, consider invest in elegant and modern bathroom fixtures such as sinks, faucets, bathtubs, vanities, showers and storage cabinets. Some modern elements you can consider when designing a modern bathroom are whirlpool tubs and free standing baths.

Elegant vanity

Elegant vanity with wood texture

Beautiful bathtubs

Beautiful bathtubs

If you want to make a more futuristic bathroom, then you get more lifestyle features in you modern bathroom design such as digital scales televisions, telephones, exercise equipment and saunas. Make sure you watch out for the latest trends when remodeling your bathroom so you are not to be left behind. If you want to create a half bath design for guest bathroom, then check this out: The Ultimate Half Bath Design Ideas

15 Stunning Master Bathroom Design Ideas

I am so excited today because I have compiled 15 amazing and stunning master bathroom design ideas. A Remodeling master bathroom is one of the most common remodeling project. Before you get started, take a look at your bathroom’s layout and decor. From there you can know whether you need to relocate a wall, add more space, and determine a budget. You can also know what items to replace such as counter tops, vanity, sink, shower, etc. You can use natural light especially if you have a small bathroom.

15 Stunning Master Bathroom Design Ideas

If you are planning to remodel the entire master bathroom, then you can begin with your shower. You can add some cool features to your master shower like body sprays, dual temperature controls or a steamer to turn into a private spa. Once you have finished this step, then you can move to the next step.

Master Bathroom Design Ideas (1)


Look at the light fixture and the white porcelain tub, it creates an elegant and modern feel. Besides, the wall art on the bathtub wall is really cool.

Master Bathroom Design Ideas (2)

Try to find the best price for your new master shower fixtures to help you minimize the budget. You can find the best price on local store or on the internet.

PRO TIP: Try to find the less expensive brands to help you stick with your budget.

A great way to add more privacy and natural light to your shower is using glass block as a partition wall. Besides, it can create a sophisticated bathroom for your house.

Master Bathroom Design Ideas (5)

The biggest challenge while choosing a new decor for master bathroom design idea is tile selections. There are lots of different styles and sizes, colors, patterns and types. If you have a small space for your master bathroom, consider diamond tiles or rectangular tiles to avoid your bathroom from looking too complex. Make sure you finalize your tile design by arranging the width and pattern on your bathroom floor with shower area.

Master Bathroom Design Ideas (11)

Master Bathroom Design Ideas (3)
If you are considering updating your outdated bathtub with a new, modern and efficient, then you can choose the ones offered by Jacuzzi. A new bathtub style can create a significant change and spacious feel to your master bathroom design.

The next step to remodel your master bathroom design is remodeling your vanity and countertop. They are a great feature for your master bathroom because you can store your bathroom essentials into them. If you want to deviate from the norm, you can use traditional or antique furniture and convert them into vanities. Finalize your design with a unique white porcelain sink and the tile design as your backsplash. Make sure you pick your sinks and faucets at a same time to create a beautiful design.


Master Bathroom Design Ideas (7)Master Bathroom Design Ideas (8)

Master Bathroom Design Ideas (10)

Master Bathroom Design Ideas (13)

Last but not least, complete your bathroom remodeling project with new lighting. Now you will have a stunning and beautiful master bathroom design.o Add Texture to Your Home

10 Beautiful Traditional Bathroom Design Ideas

There are many design styles to choose when decorating a new bathroom. You can choose traditional, antique, modern design or contemporary. One of the most popular is traditional bathroom design because it’s easier to create a perfect traditional bathroom than you might think.

10 Traditional Bathroom Design Ideas

Traditional Bathroom Design Ideas (9)


Look at the lamp and the color combination between the tiles and color walls. It uses a lot of dark brown color bathroom furniture to give a boost to traditional look.

Traditional Bathroom Design Ideas (1)
There are some points you must avoid, the most important one is not to go too much of antiquated look. There are differences between a traditional design and an antique design. A traditional design is more simplistic but not looking old. An antique bathroom design displays a look of a hundred years or older. Think about rustic design or classic Americana when you want to create a traditional bathroom design. “Less is more” is the concept of creating a traditional design, your design should be simple and bold.

Traditional Bathroom Design Ideas (2)Traditional Bathroom Design Ideas (3)Traditional Bathroom Design Ideas (4)

The next one is to keep the hues plain and natural. You can use colors that are slightly off white or dark browns for your bathroom furniture and vanity. When creating a traditional design, use basic shape and design in bathroom furniture, try to avoid complexity and have a few central pieces on the bathroom.
Traditional Bathroom Design Ideas (7)
Traditional Bathroom Design Ideas (7)

The main idea of a traditional bathroom design is to create an elegant yet simple design. Think about free standing bathtub and old checkered floors. You may also want to create a resting area or use a chair in your traditional bathroom. Rather than just taking a bath, traditional bathrooms were more of a space that people “hangout”. The other way to create a traditional look is using hardwood floors and a bright porcelain tub.

Traditional Bathroom Design Ideas (5)

Traditional Bathroom Design Ideas (8)
Traditional Bathroom Design Ideas (10)

Last but not least, you can use your own style when creating a traditional bathroom design. Your bathroom should reflect your personality and you should always use your own taste to design your own bathroom. If you like simplistic then go that route, but if you like a more elegant look, then you may want to go with the route because it’s your home.

The Ultimate Half Bath Design Ideas

Having a half bath design can increase the resale value of your home. Besides, you can offer your guests a separate bathroom at the same time, allowing you to keep your privacy. Most people locate their home’s bathroom in their bedroom. So, if you don’t want guests to walk through your bedroom, then consider adding a half bath. You should decorate it with latest styles and put it close to your living room. The best part is that you just need a small space for it. A small half bath design can be about 16 square feet (4 feet by 4 feet). You only need to install a toilet and sink, no need for a shower or bathtub in your half bathroom.

The Ultimate Half Bath Design Ideas

Now let’s get started on some half bath decorating ideas:

  1. Color scheme

Half Bath Design Ideas (5)

Blue color scheme

The first thing you have to consider is the color scheme used in the rooms surrounding the half bath. This is one of the most important things you have to pay attention to. You can try your favorite color combination but make sure that they match the rest of your home.

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  1. Choose materials

After you have decided on a color for your half bath, now you have to decide on the materials you want to use. You may try different types of brocade window treatments, ornate faucets, paintings or wallpapers. You could try a chandelier, too. But bear in mind that your decoration reflects your personality and character. Keep it simple yet attractive.

Half Bath Design Ideas (4)

Brocade window treatments

  1. Sink

Instead of an ordinary sink, install a pedestal sink. The benefit is that you can use it in a particularly small half bath design. Using an outdated sink can pull down your image in front of guests in a minute. So, when you are trying to use the latest home decoration ideas why not to have the latest features in it.

Half Bath Design Ideas (3)

pedestal sink

  1. Lighting

Lighting is very important. You may use whatever type of light best suits your half bathroom. If you choose a white or sliver color scheme, then you might try to use a skylight. For more information on passive solar lighting concepts like skylights and windows, check out some of the articles on

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  1. Ceilings

It’s really embarrassing for a tall person to use a bathroom with a low ceiling, so make sure that the ceilings are tall enough or your guests may think that you don’t take care about them. Avoid these types of mistakes.

  1. Wicker baskets

Last but not least, use wicker baskets to hold towels. This is very common and you must have it in your bathroom.

Half Bath Design Ideas (1)

An useful wicker baskets

These tips will help you in decorating your half bath. Use creative and innovate half bath design ideas to inspire and surprise your guests.

4 Simple Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas

If you are looking for small bathroom decorating ideas, then you are not alone. Many people spend a lot of money and time decorating the public spaces in their house. They spend many months just for the right sofa for their living room or for the decorative pans and pots for the kitchen. Many people never give a thought for the bathrooms. We start and end our day in our bathroom every day, so is your bathroom decorated? Or is it just a simple place to take a shower and clean your body? Let’s take a look with our small bathroom decorating ideas.

A decorated bathroom reflects your personality to your friends and family, also it will make you have a pleasant and relax time into your bathroom, not just in the “public” areas. Choose a theme in your house and you don’t have to create new ideas for each room, it’s a creative way.

Quick and Simple Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas

  1. Colors


If you don’t have any ideas for small bathroom decorating ideas, start by looking at the colors you have used for the rest of your rooms. Maybe you have spent a lot of time about the designs and decorations you use in your house, so you don’t need to start from scratch when you start decorating your bathroom.

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  1. Furniture and accessories


If you have an extra space in your bathroom, try to furniture out, you will be amazed that it fits and looks great. Some people hang their family pictures on the bathroom wall because they don’t have any other wall space for. If you are afraid of water and steam damage, your local frame shop can assist in creating a frame for your pictures.

  1. Start with designing your bathroom

Bathroom Color Ideas

If you haven’t started decorating your house, starting on your small bathroom decorating ideas is a great start. Decorating a small space is faster and easier than decorating a larger space such as living room, kitchen etc. If you want to try out your decorating ideas but you are not sure you will like it or not, such as paint a wall purple, then try it in the bathroom first.

  1. Use the same material to other spaces


Did you tile the sink? You can use the same tile in the kitchen to save your money. After you have completed the small bathroom decorating, you will gain more confidence and ideas into your head.

It doesn’t have to be hard to come up with small bathroom decorating ideas. Pour your ideas into your bathroom and you will be proud of yourself having a great looking bathroom.

4 Great Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

Bathroom is a personal hygiene space and it’s an important space in your home. Although bathroom is a necessity, but it seems that a lot of people tend to forget about it. What they don’t know is that a bathroom represents their personality.

4 Great Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

You may ask how bathroom can represent your personality. Well, did you remember when guests come to your house and ask where your bathroom is? They then went to your bathroom and could you imagine that if your bathroom is not presentable? What will your guests link your bathroom to your personality?

This is why bathroom is an important part of your house and you have to make sure it presentable. For sure, you can remodel your bathroom. You can do this by remodeling the interior design which includes your bathroom wall color, utilities and tiles.

4 Great Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

In this article I will give you some bathroom tile design ideas that you can try to your bathroom.

  1. The Diagonal

The diagonal tile is usually chosen as favorite for those people who want something different. It entails a different way of laying tiles on the bathroom floor. This design is all done in a diagonal fashion, is a good bathroom tile design that you can use in your bathroom.

diagonal Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

  1. The Diamond

Variation of the diagonal, it’s done by combining box style of border and the diagonal perspective. The diamond design can be done in a repeating manner or with different sizes of diamonds.

diamond Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

  1. The Border

This is maybe one of the most bathroom tile designs available in the market. It puts together two different tiles, one of them is used as the main tile while the other as a border. There are two ways that this design can be done, first one is all the main tiles are in the middle like a carpet-like way and other tiles are at the edges. The second one is it can be done box-style like small carpets woven.

border Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

  1. The Bricks

Well, bricks design is different from the above designs. Many people think bricks always have to be big tiles, but bricks can also apply to small tiles and it can create a different effect.

bricks Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

Of course, there are lots of different types of tiles and these are just my suggestions. When it comes to design especially about bathroom tile design ideas, the limit is the sky.