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10 Quick and Cheap Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Are you going to remodel your bathroom but running out of budget? Then you have come to the right place. This article will help you on cheap bathroom remodeling ideas. Bathroom is a high-traffic space, in doing bathroom remodeling, you should think about utility as well as design, using white and neutral colors help make the space feel larger and calm.

10 Quick and Cheap Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Cheap Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

  1. If you want to go with DIY route, by refurbishing items like varnish, vanities, cabinets with paint can save you a lot of dollars.
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  2. Try rearranging the bathroom layout with the new one, it can give you a significant change to your space.
  3. Collect inspiring bathroom design ideas from the magazine and internet.
  4. Because it’s your bathroom, be creative and give the sense of style to your bathroom.
  5. In remodeling bathroom, it’s better to paint the wall instead of using wallpapers. They can’t handle the moisture and soon will peel off.
  6. Next cheap bathroom remodeling idea is that you can change the toilet seat cover or a toilet seat. You can change the toilet seat easily with the help of couple of screwdrivers. It’s a really easy task compared to other fixtures in your home. With a new toilet seat, it will give your bathroom a new and elegant look.
  7. I can tell you that bath/shower glass enclosures are easy to install and maintain than plastic or cloth curtains. It’s also a fashionable way to decorate your bathroom.
  8. Let your children pour their creativity in the bathroom. You can ask them to stick fancy stickers in the walls. You will be surprised how it adds value to the bathroom. But, don’t let children stick the sticker on the mirrors. It’s hard to clean if you want to sell your house.
  9. If you don’t much about plumbing or electrical jobs, then never touch them. Ask the plumber/electrician to do the jobs.
  10. Consider using posters on the wall. It will give a new look into your bathroom.

Bonus Tip:

Get advice from the experts and always do some price comparison before purchasing the items. Don’t forget to bring samples to avoid many trips to the store. Take some pictures of your bathroom from different angles as these will give you a visual sense and you’ll be able to select better. Always keep on budget and balance your needs.

I hope these 10 quick and cheap bathroom remodeling ideas can help you a lot.

The Ultimate Bathroom Remodels Ideas

Bathrooms are one of the most commonly remodeled rooms in the house. Doing so can have a significant effect on your house since they are a high-traffic space.

You should think utility as well as design when doing a bathroom remodeling project. There are many components must be arranged well in a small bathroom. From plumbing to ventilation, there’s a lot of water elements in this project.

Bathrooms tend to start breaking down after 20 years due to frequent use. The common problems that you will face are chipping tiles, crumbling grout, or leaky faucet or even three of them. Bathroom remodels cost around $20,000, so you have to plan and your design should be both strategic and functional in order to secure your investment. Most bathrooms are small, you can play with color and textures in your bathroom design.

One of the most important things to consider when doing bathroom remodeling project is choosing materials that are easy to maintain, focusing on brightness and energy efficiency.

If you’re doing the project yourself, make sure you’re aware of building codes and permits. I will discuss this on the next post. If you choose not to go the DIY way, then hire a good contractor will be the answer.

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The Ultimate Bathroom Remodels Ideas


Bathroom Remodels Ideas wall

For many reasons, tile is commonly used in bathrooms. It reflects light, it’s easy to clean, durable, aesthetically pleasing and it’s really easy to brighten up the space. As you know, using tile is absolutely more expensive than painting, but if you have a budget, then using tile is the best choice you can have. If you’re using tile, look for stain-resistant grout, although it’s more expensive but worth the extra cost. The most popular bathroom color ideas are white. Using neutral colors also make the space feel comfy and fresh. The another popular option is using a monochromatic color palette.


Bathroom remodel ideas lighting

It’s important in choosing a proper lighting in your bathroom because a bright room will feel bigger. A good lighting can transform the entire space. I recommend leave electrical projects to professionals unless you’re savvy with electrical work. To get the maximum efficiency, install LED lights. They are 25 times longer than normal lighting and use less energy.

Fixtures & Finishes

Bathroom remodel ideas fixtures

Bathroom fixtures can take up to 20% of overall remodeling budget so consider who is using the space and how it will be used when choosing fixtures. Keep in mind to choose an easy to maintain material such as plastic laminate flooring.


bathroom flooring vinyl ideas

For small bathrooms, larger floor tiles and patterns are better. Vinyl is one of the most popular flooring choices since it’s inexpensive, safe, easy to install and maintain, and practical. The important feature that buyers are looking for in market is radiant heating flooring, which ensures warm feet in colder months and makes the floor dry faster so it’s reducing the chance of falls or slips.

Shower and Tub

Shower and Tub

Create an accent wall of the shower or tub area in the room. You can have one bath tub if you dream of spa tub or with young children or your lovely pet. Choose a tile that has water absorption rating less than 3% and good traction.


Bathroom remodel ideas Decorating

If you don’t want to remodel the whole bathroom, then the best option you can have is redecorating the space without spending a penny. There are many simple bathroom decorating ideas you can have, for example changing color and textures of the wall, re-arranging the hardware position and more. You can change the bathroom’s accessories such as toilet paper holders, towels and soap dispensers.

20 Inspiring Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas

A bathroom is a special area and a high-traffic space, it is an area for personal hygiene. We address all the basic needs in a bathroom. You can reflect your personal style and design at your bathroom. If you have a small bathroom, you can benefit a lot with renovation by making the small space feel larger and function better as well. You can turn your tiny bathroom space to become a great design by wisely choosing bathroom essentials, stylish decorations and functional storage ideas.

20 Inspiring Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas

There are the following things you should consider when you are planning to renovate your small bathroom:

1. Colors Selection.

Colors have a significant impact on the design of your bathroom. Using a neutral color for your bathroom can make your small space look and feel larger than it really is. Keep in mind that lighter is better. Neutral colors, light and bright hues are ideal for small bathroom ideas to make the room feel bigger. Avoid using dark colors because they can make a room look smaller. Using bright colors to lighten it up.
Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas (3)Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas (4)Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas (5)

2. Using mirrors.

A mirror is an important need in any bathroom, especially for a small bathroom. A large mirror will create an illusion of spacious interior. For a more functional option, you can install a bathroom cabinet with mirrored or glass doors. Mirrors create a lovely atmosphere for your small bathrooms.

bathroom mirror (1)bathroom mirror (2)
bathroom mirror (4)bathroom mirror (5)

3. Make it both comfortable and functional.

Comfortable and functional are two important keys in any interior design, especially for a small bathroom renovations. To add a little touch of decor, you can place a small stool under your sink. It’s wise to choose both beautiful and functional furniture, so find the small stool with small drawers under to seat and make sure they’re fit under the sink. They are lots of space-saving and innovative bathroom essentials in today’s market to your bathroom interior design.

bathroom stool under sink (1)bathroom stool under sink (2)bathroom stool under sink (3)

4. Effective lighting.

Lighting is an important factor to consider when renovating a bathroom design. A good lighting can freshen up the room. Also, right light fixtures in place can also fool your eye into thinking the bathroom is bigger than it really is.

Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas lighting (2)Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas lighting (3)Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas lighting (4)Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas lighting (5)

5. Add a window.

To add some natural light into your small bathroom interior, you can add a window. A window can help add a level of comfort to the entire area.

bathroom window design (1)bathroom window design (2)bathroom window design (4)bathroom window design (5)

I hope this post can give you new ideas and inspirations about small bathroom renovation ideas. Want to read more? Continue with this post: The Ultimate Bathroom Remodels Ideas

10 Beautiful Bathroom Colors Ideas For You

The bathroom is the smallest room in any home and most people don’t think about the colors of their bathroom. But you can have a significant change on the bathroom with different bathroom colors ideas.

10 Beautiful Bathroom Colors Ideas For You

It’s important to choose colors that reflect your style and mood for the bathroom. Choosing paint colors for bathroom are as important as choosing paint colors for another rooms. Colors can affect your mood. For example, a soothing blue in your bedroom can make you feel calm and relax. An active color in your living room will help you feel energized.

Bathroom Color Ideas (1)

Gray bathroom idea

A lot of people don’t spend much time with their bathroom’s decoration. But you spend a lot of time in your bathroom than you think, you start and end your day in bathroom. If you want your bathroom to be a sanctuary, use cool colors like green or blue for bathroom colors ideas. Using a lighter cool colors will brighten and make a small bathroom look bigger than it really is.

Bathroom Color Ideas (7)

A nice blue bathroom design

Bathroom Color Ideas (6)

Modern green bathroom

Furthermore, if you want to have an active and energized bathroom, you can choose warm colors like red or orange for your bathroom. Using these warm colors can make your bathroom more inviting and feel cozier. I personally use them to create an accent wall or adding a splash of colors for the room because they are bold colors and may overcome everything in the bathroom.

Bathroom Color Ideas (3)

A red bold bathroom

Bathroom Color Ideas (9)

A warm orange bathroom color

Bathroom Color Ideas (4)

Purple bathroom is sweet and beautiful

Bathroom Color Ideas (5)

An elegant gold color bathroom

On the other hand, if you like a modern bathroom design, you can go with monochromatic color palette or use only two colors. For example, black and white color scheme will give an elegant and classic feel for your bathroom.  But you can also add some warm color accents to your black and white bathroom.

Bathroom Color Ideas (8)

A classic black and white bathroom

If you’re going to renovate your bathroom from scratch, then there are lots of bathroom colors ideas you can choose. But if you just want to freshen up your bathroom, then make sure you choose the colors correctly and keep everything coordinates.

8 Stunning Paris Themed Bathroom Decor Ideas

Paris is a beautiful city and here’s why I am writing this list to give you new ideas. If you are remodeling a bathroom or are installing a bathroom to become a Paris themed bathroom decor, then you’ll want to browse Paris themed bathroom ideas. You can create a space that’s efficient, attractive, and elegant by using a few strategic decorating ideas.

It’s not really hard if you have a large space for decorating, the most challenging part is having a small bathroom. But don’t worry, with the right combination of decor, surfaces, colors and lighting, it’s possible to create the look of a much larger bathroom. Nowadays, people want a larger bathroom than before. Older homes will have a small bathroom than newer homes as you can see. Older construction often features small bathroom and then playing with decorating tricks to help creating the illusion of larger space.

8 Stunning Paris Themed Bathroom Decor Ideas
Paris Themed Bathroom Decor (2)

Look at the comfy chair and cute Eiffel tower on the table. Not saying the wall decorations that make this bathroom become perfect.

Paris Themed Bathroom Decor (3)

Paris isn’t always identical with Eiffel tower, you can use the Parisian wallpaper too, it’s really fit with the bathroom color.

Paris Themed Bathroom Decor (4)

Another Paris themed bathroom that is putting Eiffel tower on the sink. I also love the black Eiffel wallpaper that looks like the shadow from the Eiffel tower.

Paris Themed Bathroom Decor (5)

Aside from the Paris framed picture on the wall, it is really nice to put “PARIS” word exactly on the sink. I love the ideas from the above bathroom!
his is the first time I’ve ever seen that putting a bicycle on the bathroom. Awesome and really unique!
Paris Themed Bathroom Decor (8)

The simplest way to create a Paris themed bathroom is by using Eiffel wallpaper. It’s easy and beautiful. Note the bottles that are really special too.
I love the shower curtain of this bathroom. It’s unique and artistic.

Look at the artistic shower curtain and toilet cover. It really suits with the red flower.

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So, what’s your favorite Paris themed bathroom decor?

Gorgeous Modern Red and Black Bathroom Decor

Color combination always takes my interest, especially in interior design. In this post we’ll discover modern red and black bathroom decor from around the world. An easy way to create a luxurious and modern bathroom decor is to play with color, for example red combines with black color. You can try to apply these colors to your bathroom in your home.

For some people, bathroom is just a place for cleaning your body, but for another people bathroom is a place to relax and even dip in a bath tub for a long time, if you are this type of person then you can’t ignore your bathroom design. Bathroom should be attractive as well as another interior space. Thus, this space could be a lovely place for anyone especially who loves relaxing in a bath tub.

You can make a bathroom in your house looks gorgeous and modern with red and black color combination. Red may be the right choice to use as the wall color. Here is the secret, red wall will look elegant when combining with black floor. If you want to add another color to brighten your bathroom, then you can add white color to the ceiling, frames and doors.

Another combination from red and black bathroom decor, you can choose white color furniture such as a bathtub, toilet, and washbasin because white will look hygiene and clean. For other accessories, you can play using black or red as we mention above. For example, black for the mirror frame upside the washbasin or also by placing black wall hangings on the wall.

What about red? You can apply red color for rugs, towels, storage rack, or soap dispenser. The bathroom will look nice, neat, and luxurious. You also become more comfortable when you get in the bathroom.

Look at the beautiful plants beside the washbasin and the perfect combination between black wall, red rugs, and white washbasin. I love this design.

Well, I hope you get some new ideas in this post, what do you think about those red and black bathroom decor?

Top Modern Contemporary Bathroom Ideas

Contemporary bathrooms will provide any home with a minimal styling and striking focal point. You don’t need a large room to create a contemporary bathroom, we can create a contemporary look in any shape or size of bathroom, just make sure you have attention to detail and plan well. A contemporary bathroom design will give you a relax place to start and end your day before go to bed.

Top Modern Contemporary Bathroom Ideas

Make sure you look around for lots of inspiring bathroom design ideas when creating a new contemporary bathroom design so you have a nice idea about the look you want to achieve. To create an amazing focal point and provide an eye-catching feature as you walk into the bathroom, choose a freestanding bath. Freestanding baths are available in today’s market with lots of shapes and sizes. To add a touch of style, surround your freestanding bath with black or grey color.

freestanding bath

freestanding bath

The other perfect choice for a contemporary bathroom design is a walk-in shower, it will add a touch of stylish feature. The best part of walk-in shower is that it features a minimal design and a spacious showering area at one. Why not install a wet room glass panel and define the area to protect your bathroom from getting covered in water every time?

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walk-in shower

walk-in shower

Your choice of basin and toilet can make a significant change too. I love wall-hung toilet, it provides a very modern, sleek and minimal look for a small bathroom.  For basins, I choose wall-mounted basins because they are really perfect for creating a sense of style and I can have a wide variety of sizes and designs that fit my space. To add a touch of designer style why not use double basins on the bathroom?

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double basins on the bathroom

double basins on the bathroom

Bathroom taps add the the perfect finishing touch to your contemporary bathroom. Stunning taps will provide you a contemporary and modern bathroom design.

Bathroom taps

Bathroom taps add perfect touch for the bathroom

The final details such as a bathroom mirror, a designer radiator or a heated towel rail will create an inviting bathroom and some modern accessories will bring the look of contemporary bathroom to your home.

How Duct Cleaning Is That Important For Every House to Stay Fresh


Duct Cleaning

Duct cleaning is one of the most important aspects that must be considered when one is doing the general home cleaning. There are many people who overlook their ducts not knowing that a lot of materials and germs accumulate inside. If it is left without being cleaned for a longer period, it may be even safer to stay outside than inside. You can imagine the air you breathe in passes all the germs that have accumulated in the duct. Besides, the duct cleaning, it is also paramount to consider carpet cleaning. Most people assume that because no one steps on a carpet with dirty shoes, they are ever clean. Periodic cleaning is crucial so as to maintain the whole house fresh and conducive for living. How is duct and carpet cleaning important for every house to stay fresh?

Allergens Are Eliminated

It is true that most people believe that by staying indoors, they are eliminating all the allergens that are found outside. This is true is only the duct is very clean. For you to believe this,you must periodically clean your duct and carpet. This is because; there are some allergens such as the dust mites that feed on the hair and skin that people and their pets shed while inside the house. They are likely to settle in the duct so that they can access hair and skin residues. Therefore, the best way to eliminate such allergens is to ensure that the duct is completely clean without any residues and particles.

Tidy Duct Is Free From Pollen And Dust From Outside

The pollen and duct from outside affects the fresh nature of any living room. All the particles and ducts in the air can settle in the duct. This affects the free circulation of air and may in turn affect the respiratory system in human beings and pets. If left for a longer period, the whole room will be very dusty especially during a windy day. Therefore, to maintain your room fresh, ensure that all the particles that piles up in the duct are completely eliminated.

It Can Assist Prevent Fires

There are some instances where fires spread as a result of materials that have piled in the duct. Remember there are hair, dry particles and other debris that can easily catch fire. When such materials catch fire and it is a windy day, the fire will easily spread to adjacent house and cause more harm. To avoid such cases, all the materials that rest on the duct must be eliminated especially the rat’s nests.

It Allows Free Circulation Of Fresh Air

When the duct is completely covered by materials and debris, the free circulation of fresh air in the house is affected. The matter that has piled in the duct can prevent you from accessing the fresh air from outside and you may suffocate. Just take your time to eliminate all the materials and keep checking on regular basis. This leaves your house fresh.

Choosing the Right Bathtubs For Small Bathrooms

 Today you are going to know a lot of bathtub designs for small bathrooms. High technologies have contributed to make a beautiful and robust homes. Usually the smallest room in any house is the bathroom. Many home owners don’t want to spend a lot of money in building a bathroom so they decide to build a small bathroom for their house. The market has known this situation and they have made bathtubs for small bathrooms.

Choosing the Right Bathtubs For Small Bathrooms

Bathtubs For Small Bathrooms

When you buy your new house, maybe the first thing that you would like to upgrade is the small bathtub. Nobody will relax lying down in a small bathtub unless a child. There are some solutions that can help you as an adult in having a luxurious bath even you have a limited space for your bathroom. You can find bathtubs for small bathrooms such as a corner tub model or as well as a soaking tub. This kind of bathtub is really great and comfortable because you can do both sitting down and laying down at a same time.

A corner tub

A corner tub

If a corner model tub is not suitable to your space, then a soaking tub with whirlpool jets can absolutely help. In smaller bathroom design, it will be more effective if you can utilize the vertical space in your bathroom. It’s not the safest way to lie down in a hot tub of water when you feel really tired. Instead, using the soaking tub design will give you a comfortable feeling and maintain a luxurious and spacious bath.

Bathtubs For Small Bathrooms

A soaking tub in a small bathroom

Another great bathtub design for smaller bathroom is using a more round shape at the corner to make you feel more comfortable and you will be able to stretch your arms out. These bathtubs are also very popular when building smaller bathrooms in the new houses.

round shape tub at the corner

round shape tub at the corner

Building the small bathroom in a more appealing and pleasing design can give you more relax from the bathing experience. I hope this article is helpful and can help you decide the right bathtubs for small bathrooms.

10 Most Creative Ideas for Bathroom Wall Decorations

A bathroom will always have tiles around the wall surfaces whether it’s attached to a bedroom or it’s an independent unit. Use a waterproof painting to the wall to avoid the seepage of water into your brick walls and you can fix the tiles up to 4 feet height.

10 Most Creative Ideas for Bathroom Wall Decorations


You can use this to your advantage especially if you have a small bathroom. Usually the size of any space is created because of the border walls of the room. Using unique wall decor and flooring ideas will easily remove the perception and make the room looks larger.

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Creative Bathroom Wall Decoration (1)Creative Bathroom Wall Decoration (2)

You can start this by creating a flooring pattern in your bathroom using tiles and then move forward on the walls as wall decorations. It’s recommended to do this up to 4 feet height. This will make the bathroom looks bigger and break out the dimension of the room.

Creative Bathroom Wall Decoration (3)Creative Bathroom Wall Decoration (4)

Bathroom wall decorations are an important part in finishing the bathroom because bathroom is normally smaller than other rooms and you have a limited options of decorating accessories available in the market.

Creative Bathroom Wall Decoration (5)Creative Bathroom Wall Decoration (6)Creative Bathroom Wall Decoration (7)

Pick a design theme while creating or remodeling your bathroom and it will be very cost effective. For some cases such as apartment bathrooms, the bathroom’s height is smaller than any other rooms. The best way to treat this cases is with murals of ceramic tiles. Choose the tiles that reflect your taste and personality. Of course, in choosing bathroom wall decorations, there is a lot of different between adult’s bathrooms with kid’s bathrooms.

Creative Bathroom Wall Decoration (8)Creative Bathroom Wall Decoration (9)Creative Bathroom Wall Decoration (10)

Everything from which pattern you choose to color schemes will have a significant change on your bathroom interiors. For example, to create a beautiful kid’s bathroom wall decor, you can choose a mural on the wall showing cute animals taking a bath. But for a teenager bathroom or a master bathroom, you can bring more attraction to your bathroom by using mirrors on the wall. So, last but not least, pick bathroom wall decorations that suit to specific age group.