How to Add Warmth and Texture to a Home Using Real Wood

There are many exciting ways to enjoy the natural qualities of wood in our homes while adding warmth and texture. Whatever type you choose for your interior style; walnut, oak or birch – one of the most fascinating characteristics of wood is its versatility and new technology has allowed for endless possibilities in its use, whilst pushing boundaries and creating new shapes. Below are simple ways to add warmth and texture into your living space using real wood.

The Perfect Wood Wall

Whatever interior style you choose for your home, be it contemporary, eclectic, or traditional, a wall with wood insertions has a way of accentuating the warm atmosphere of your house. One way of adding warmth, texture and a feel of the natural outdoors into your home is by dressing up your walls with wooden panels. No longer considered just for cabins, wood panel walls are slowly but surely being used as accents in living rooms, bathrooms and bedrooms, even on fireplace surrounds.

For example, a large and spacious room can sometime feel cold and empty, and installing a wood plank wall not only adds character but also can make the room feel more intimate and homely. Wall panels are also a great way to enliven a room that seem stark. Think minimalist home, smooth concrete floors and architect-white walls and pair that with another part of the wall dressed up with wooden panels. Makes for a perfect focal point or a backdrop for a large art piece. Another great way you could inject warmth into your home is by considering adding a wood plank wall in the bathroom. It lends a serene, sanctuary-like atmosphere to the bathroom.

Wooden Beams & Vaulted Ceilings

Wood is timeless and simply gets better as it ages, taking on a charming glow that quietly emits a proud sense of history and character. We often neglect the ceiling, leaving it exactly how it was after building. However, playing with wood on the ceiling, by using wood trim, exposed beams or even decking, adds an architectural interest to the room and attract the eye upward to explore the space. A good example would be designing a room with horizontal beams to give it a cosy feeling and a fantastic old world charm while raising the decorative elements in the room to a new level.

Wood Flooring Touches

Wooden floors are fantastic in any style of home. Not only do they look natural and warm, they also add subtle pattern and texture and create an organic feel and are an excellent and practical choice. Considering the colour of the wood and how it will contrast yet complement your room is a major factor and a good place to start when adding stylish wooden flooring. For example, think dark oak, as it is an easy way to make the room more decadent and cosier. However, you can opt for a more rustic and pronounced texture as opposed to wood flooring that looks artificially smooth.

Carefully Chosen Furniture

I love the richness of wood and just how one piece can really ground a room. Whether this is in a form of an occasional chair or an entertainment unit; wooden pieces can be great additions to your home decor. The images above are great examples on how to transform your space with a piece of wooden furniture, adding warmth and making it cosier.

You might also what to mix it up as well, the old and new, expensive and inexpensive. Think about that wooden dining table that was once your grandmother’s or perhaps something from a vintage store and how it could co-exist beautifully together with present and modern pieces. Also, blending different grains and undertones can be a great way to achieve a stunning interior. This adds not only warmth but also character and it reflects who you are, your personality and your style.

Keeping it Simple with Accessories


It’s amazing how sometimes the smallest and simplest things make the greatest impact. If playing with wood to a vast extent is not ideal for you, simple accessories and ornaments can ensure that your home is in the midst of the wooden revival.  It could be an additional mirror with a textured wooden frame, a wooden vase on a mantelpiece, or a wooden light fixture in the kitchen. One of the nicest things about introducing wooden elements into your space, is how well it blends with the rest of your interior design – draperies, area rugs as well as furniture. Select decorative accessories that stand out and provide unmatched loveliness to any colour or design scheme if you looking for warmth, unique character and charm to simply elevate your newly redesigned interior space.  And if you are unsure how to give your home or interior space the right treatment, you can always consult a interior design professional who can advise on the right pieces or textures required to give you the finish and warmth you desire.


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