8 Stunning Paris Themed Bathroom Decor Ideas

Paris is a beautiful city and here’s why I am writing this list to give you new ideas. If you are remodeling a bathroom or are installing a bathroom to become a Paris themed bathroom decor, then you’ll want to browse Paris themed bathroom ideas. You can create a space that’s efficient, attractive, and elegant by using a few strategic decorating ideas.

It’s not really hard if you have a large space for decorating, the most challenging part is having a small bathroom. But don’t worry, with the right combination of decor, surfaces, colors and lighting, it’s possible to create the look of a much larger bathroom. Nowadays, people want a larger bathroom than before. Older homes will have a small bathroom than newer homes as you can see. Older construction often features small bathroom and then playing with decorating tricks to help creating the illusion of larger space.

8 Stunning Paris Themed Bathroom Decor Ideas
Paris Themed Bathroom Decor (2)

Look at the comfy chair and cute Eiffel tower on the table. Not saying the wall decorations that make this bathroom become perfect.

Paris Themed Bathroom Decor (3)

Paris isn’t always identical with Eiffel tower, you can use the Parisian wallpaper too, it’s really fit with the bathroom color.

Paris Themed Bathroom Decor (4)

Another Paris themed bathroom that is putting Eiffel tower on the sink. I also love the black Eiffel wallpaper that looks like the shadow from the Eiffel tower.

Paris Themed Bathroom Decor (5)

Aside from the Paris framed picture on the wall, it is really nice to put “PARIS” word exactly on the sink. I love the ideas from the above bathroom!
his is the first time I’ve ever seen that putting a bicycle on the bathroom. Awesome and really unique!
Paris Themed Bathroom Decor (8)

The simplest way to create a Paris themed bathroom is by using Eiffel wallpaper. It’s easy and beautiful. Note the bottles that are really special too.
I love the shower curtain of this bathroom. It’s unique and artistic.

Look at the artistic shower curtain and toilet cover. It really suits with the red flower.

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So, what’s your favorite Paris themed bathroom decor?


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