4 Great Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

Bathroom is a personal hygiene space and it’s an important space in your home. Although bathroom is a necessity, but it seems that a lot of people tend to forget about it. What they don’t know is that a bathroom represents their personality.

4 Great Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

You may ask how bathroom can represent your personality. Well, did you remember when guests come to your house and ask where your bathroom is? They then went to your bathroom and could you imagine that if your bathroom is not presentable? What will your guests link your bathroom to your personality?

This is why bathroom is an important part of your house and you have to make sure it presentable. For sure, you can remodel your bathroom. You can do this by remodeling the interior design which includes your bathroom wall color, utilities and tiles.

4 Great Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

In this article I will give you some bathroom tile design ideas that you can try to your bathroom.

  1. The Diagonal

The diagonal tile is usually chosen as favorite for those people who want something different. It entails a different way of laying tiles on the bathroom floor. This design is all done in a diagonal fashion, is a good bathroom tile design that you can use in your bathroom.

diagonal Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

  1. The Diamond

Variation of the diagonal, it’s done by combining box style of border and the diagonal perspective. The diamond design can be done in a repeating manner or with different sizes of diamonds.

diamond Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

  1. The Border

This is maybe one of the most bathroom tile designs available in the market. It puts together two different tiles, one of them is used as the main tile while the other as a border. There are two ways that this design can be done, first one is all the main tiles are in the middle like a carpet-like way and other tiles are at the edges. The second one is it can be done box-style like small carpets woven.

border Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

  1. The Bricks

Well, bricks design is different from the above designs. Many people think bricks always have to be big tiles, but bricks can also apply to small tiles and it can create a different effect.

bricks Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

Of course, there are lots of different types of tiles and these are just my suggestions. When it comes to design especially about bathroom tile design ideas, the limit is the sky.


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