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The Ultimate Bathroom Remodels Ideas

Bathrooms are one of the most commonly remodeled rooms in the house. Doing so can have a significant effect on your house since they are a high-traffic space.

You should think utility as well as design when doing a bathroom remodeling project. There are many components must be arranged well in a small bathroom. From plumbing to ventilation, there’s a lot of water elements in this project.

Bathrooms tend to start breaking down after 20 years due to frequent use. The common problems that you will face are chipping tiles, crumbling grout, or leaky faucet or even three of them. Bathroom remodels cost around $20,000, so you have to plan and your design should be both strategic and functional in order to secure your investment. Most bathrooms are small, you can play with color and textures in your bathroom design.

One of the most important things to consider when doing bathroom remodeling project is choosing materials that are easy to maintain, focusing on brightness and energy efficiency.

If you’re doing the project yourself, make sure you’re aware of building codes and permits. I will discuss this on the next post. If you choose not to go the DIY way, then hire a good contractor will be the answer.

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The Ultimate Bathroom Remodels Ideas


Bathroom Remodels Ideas wall

For many reasons, tile is commonly used in bathrooms. It reflects light, it’s easy to clean, durable, aesthetically pleasing and it’s really easy to brighten up the space. As you know, using tile is absolutely more expensive than painting, but if you have a budget, then using tile is the best choice you can have. If you’re using tile, look for stain-resistant grout, although it’s more expensive but worth the extra cost. The most popular bathroom color ideas are white. Using neutral colors also make the space feel comfy and fresh. The another popular option is using a monochromatic color palette.


Bathroom remodel ideas lighting

It’s important in choosing a proper lighting in your bathroom because a bright room will feel bigger. A good lighting can transform the entire space. I recommend leave electrical projects to professionals unless you’re savvy with electrical work. To get the maximum efficiency, install LED lights. They are 25 times longer than normal lighting and use less energy.

Fixtures & Finishes

Bathroom remodel ideas fixtures

Bathroom fixtures can take up to 20% of overall remodeling budget so consider who is using the space and how it will be used when choosing fixtures. Keep in mind to choose an easy to maintain material such as plastic laminate flooring.


bathroom flooring vinyl ideas

For small bathrooms, larger floor tiles and patterns are better. Vinyl is one of the most popular flooring choices since it’s inexpensive, safe, easy to install and maintain, and practical. The important feature that buyers are looking for in market is radiant heating flooring, which ensures warm feet in colder months and makes the floor dry faster so it’s reducing the chance of falls or slips.

Shower and Tub

Shower and Tub

Create an accent wall of the shower or tub area in the room. You can have one bath tub if you dream of spa tub or with young children or your lovely pet. Choose a tile that has water absorption rating less than 3% and good traction.


Bathroom remodel ideas Decorating

If you don’t want to remodel the whole bathroom, then the best option you can have is redecorating the space without spending a penny. There are many simple bathroom decorating ideas you can have, for example changing color and textures of the wall, re-arranging the hardware position and more. You can change the bathroom’s accessories such as toilet paper holders, towels and soap dispensers.