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6 Tips How to Decorate a Living Room on a Budget

Is your living room decoration never change for years? You’ll learn how to decorate a living room on a budget from this post. We always have to buy new furniture or remodeling a whole room, it’s more than enough to use the existing furniture.

Tips How to Decorate a Living Room on a Budget

Here are 6 actionable tips you can use today to decorate a living room without spending much money.
1. Modern Style Furniture
Modern style furniture has a simple design and sleek, but sometimes can look boring and not attractive. You can make it looks more attractive by adding texture. For example, put a carpet on the floor, colorful decorative pillows on a sofa or floral and foliage picture decoration.

2. Add Unique Detail
Make the room becomes more unique with unusual detail. We can put books like tower and place it on a corner.
3. Decorating Shelves
The play of color is a secret key when decorating a shelf.
Select two or three different colors but still the same harmony and combine them. For example, yellow-light green-dark green, red-orange-pink or light blue-dark blue-white. Of course you can put small cups, vases, small plates, alphabet boxes or uniquely shaped teapot. Decorating based on the size of the furniture, remember always ranging from small to large or vice-verse.

 4. Wall Decoration

Bored with white or neutral color walls? Try combining two colors (ex. dark orange and white), put a vintage chair or hang a variety of shapes and sizes of photo frames on wall. Simply select one of the four parts of the walls, paint with light pink, purple, orange or other pastel colors.

Add the elements of three-dimensional shades over the wall. For example, various sizes of decorative plates, patterns and colors or a framed mirror.

5. Photos
Photo collections beside can add a personal touch to living room, they can be helpful on how to decorate a living room on a budget, but you have to put them in a proper way. We can put photos on the wall along the stairs, put a photo with a matching frame on the shelves or hang black and white photographs on the bright-color wall.

6. Focal Point
Each room requires a focal point, which is the component that most attract attention and make people’s eyes go immediately to the object when enter the room. Focal points can be a unique design furniture and large poster or medium-sized mirror in the middle of the room.

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15 Inspiring Bedroom Paint Design Ideas

Bedroom paint design ideas can help you redo your whole home. Usually because bedroom is not open to the public and pretty private, so it’s the last room to be decorated. A smart way to transform your whole bedroom is using paint.

15 Inspiring Bedroom Paint Design Ideas

bedroom paint design (1)bedroom paint design (2)Pictures for Bedroom Walls (13)
bedroom paint design (4)

You can make a big impact by using bolder master bedroom paint or using light paint color for cozy feeling. Using a deep charcoal or contemporary black color can make your room looks modern. Create a focal point of the space by painting one wall in a deep color.

bedroom paint design (5)

One wall in a deep purple color

For a low platform bed, paint the wall behind in a darker color to give allusion of height and give a bold to the room. Paint the rest of the walls using neutral hues and you may want to add an extra lighting into your bedroom to avoid your room from becoming boring.

bedroom paint design (6)

Paint with darker color for a low platform bed

bedroom paint design (7)

You can usually use black for bedroom design paint color even though you are not feeling daring. You can start with taupe walls or you can also use subtle wallpaper for a touch of modern and elegance. Then paint your furniture with black. This will give you an atmosphere of contemporary design. To bring a beautiful and modern interior design, you can use crystal chandeliers and lamps to your room.

bedroom paint design (8)bedroom paint design (9)bedroom paint design (10)

You may want to create a relaxing space that you can sleep in such as pale blue bedroom paint. Shades of lavender, green and gray can also create a calming space. If you like simple and don’t want to break up the space, you can use a monochromatic color scheme. On molding, walls and the doors you can use different hues of the same color. It’s better to keep the furniture in the same color.

bedroom paint design (11)

bedroom paint design (12)

bedroom paint design (13)bedroom paint design (14)bedroom paint design (15)

In your bedroom paint design, you have to include a color for your furniture. It’s pretty hard these days to find real wood furniture anymore, you may get some version of laminate furniture even if you are in a higher price furniture store. If you are going to design a kid’s room then you can paint each drawer with a different color to add interest for your kid. To keep things organized, you can also buy small quarts of paint. Keep the whole room in a solid neutral color so it will be matching to your furniture.

Bedroom paint design pictures allow you to create your own unique theme of room.