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10 Beautiful Bathroom Colors Ideas For You

The bathroom is the smallest room in any home and most people don’t think about the colors of their bathroom. But you can have a significant change on the bathroom with different bathroom colors ideas.

10 Beautiful Bathroom Colors Ideas For You

It’s important to choose colors that reflect your style and mood for the bathroom. Choosing paint colors for bathroom are as important as choosing paint colors for another rooms. Colors can affect your mood. For example, a soothing blue in your bedroom can make you feel calm and relax. An active color in your living room will help you feel energized.

Bathroom Color Ideas (1)

Gray bathroom idea

A lot of people don’t spend much time with their bathroom’s decoration. But you spend a lot of time in your bathroom than you think, you start and end your day in bathroom. If you want your bathroom to be a sanctuary, use cool colors like green or blue for bathroom colors ideas. Using a lighter cool colors will brighten and make a small bathroom look bigger than it really is.

Bathroom Color Ideas (7)

A nice blue bathroom design

Bathroom Color Ideas (6)

Modern green bathroom

Furthermore, if you want to have an active and energized bathroom, you can choose warm colors like red or orange for your bathroom. Using these warm colors can make your bathroom more inviting and feel cozier. I personally use them to create an accent wall or adding a splash of colors for the room because they are bold colors and may overcome everything in the bathroom.

Bathroom Color Ideas (3)

A red bold bathroom

Bathroom Color Ideas (9)

A warm orange bathroom color

Bathroom Color Ideas (4)

Purple bathroom is sweet and beautiful

Bathroom Color Ideas (5)

An elegant gold color bathroom

On the other hand, if you like a modern bathroom design, you can go with monochromatic color palette or use only two colors. For example, black and white color scheme will give an elegant and classic feel for your bathroom.  But you can also add some warm color accents to your black and white bathroom.

Bathroom Color Ideas (8)

A classic black and white bathroom

If you’re going to renovate your bathroom from scratch, then there are lots of bathroom colors ideas you can choose. But if you just want to freshen up your bathroom, then make sure you choose the colors correctly and keep everything coordinates.

3 Simple Renovation Tips for Adding Value to Your Home

Battling to move up the property ladder can be extremely tricky. If you’re trying to sell your house before you move on to a new place, there is a lot for you to consider. One of things being maximizing the value of your current property. Most of us don’t have thousands to invest into adding an extension for extra space, or fitting a whole new kitchen, however there are a number of small changes that you can make that will have a significant impact on your asking price.

3 Simple Renovation Tips for Adding Value to Your Home

1. Make sure the structure is sound

Now the initial investment could be a bit costlier than our other tips, however making sure your home is structurally sound is extremely important if you are considering selling your house. Making such repairs is essential, however you can guarantee that you will recoup that cost in the asking price.

Issues you much address include leaking windows, rising damp, loose roof tiles, bowing walls or cracked brick work that is more than cosmetic. Once any potential buyer instructs a conveyancing solicitor, the first thing they will investigate is the structure of the house, so unfortunately you can’t avoid fixing it unless you want to knock thousands of your asking price.

2. Spruce up your front door

A new buyer will judge your house before they have even stepped through the door, so for that reason, make sure the door they walk through gives a representation of what is on the inside. If you’re front door is look drab and not well taken care of, they will assume that what the inside of the house looks like as well. Upgrading your door isn’t a colossal task, however a few simple, and cheap changes can really encourage a sale.

If you have a wooden door, sand it down and give it a fresh lick of paint in a classic, or fairly neutral colour. If you have a UPVC door, take care in giving it a good wipe down so that it looks brand new. Update the finishing’s, such as the door handle, or letter box to give it some additional personality that can really help in selling its features. If you have an older home, brass can works exceptional well, where as new builds tend to look better with chrome.

3. Don’t neglect your hallway

The first place in your home that people will see once they come through your front door is your hallway. It should be a place where people feel welcome, however in most cases it is one of the most neglected parts of the house.

If you want to make an impression, your hallway shouldn’t be a place for dumping your shoes or the pram, it needs to be clear and have a feeling of space and warmth. Get rid of all the clutter, replace the wallpaper and give it a fresh coat of paint. If the space is small, add a mirror on each side of the wall as it gives the illusion of space. sign A Sleep-Friendly Bedroom

16 Modern Living Room Decorating and Design Ideas

Today we will show you 16 modern living room decor ideas and inspirations. Living rooms are for relaxing, socializing, reading books, listening to music and more. You can also eat and drink, watch TV and play. When thinking about decorating the house, living room becomes a top priority in our list. That’s because living room is the center of a house and it is where we welcome guests to our house. To create a modern living room design, you have to look carefully at the quality of the natural light in your room and additional light sources. Natural is never out of style. Most wooden furniture has a natural finish and it’s a good choice for a modern living room decorating. Natural color also brings warmth and character.

You have to separate your needs and your wants when decorating a space. For example, you need space for a couch, TV, lighting, a center table and cabinets. You might want space for DVD storage, toys and speakers. What you want will depend on the size and shape of the space you have. Make sure you have enough open areas for access around the room.

A good sofa is on top priority. After working hard at the office, it’s perfect to collapse in front of the TV and watch your favorite programs. Or maybe you prefer to read your favorite book or listen to music or just relax and do nothing. Whatever your activity, it’s important to have a comfortable sofa in your living area.

16 Modern Living Room Decor Ideas

modern living room decor ideas (1)

Look at the comfy couches. It’s elegant and modern. I like the custom mural, it makes the space more dynamic.

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modern living room decor ideas (2)

A white living room design. The design is simple but looks modern and elegant.

modern living room decor ideas (3)modern living room decor ideas (4)

The area carpet create a focal point in the room. Cabinet is an important furniture to keep your room organized.

modern living room decor ideas (5)

If you have artworks, then you can hang them in your living room. I like the unique lamp, it’s matching to the room.

modern living room decor ideas (6)modern living room decor ideas (7)

A brown modern living room. Brown colors are used at the fur carpet and curtains.

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modern living room decor ideas (8)modern living room decor ideas (9)

A perfect combination of white and light brown color.

modern living room decor ideas (10)modern living room decor ideas (11)

Look at the couches and center table. They are really matching to the entire room. An accent wall is used on the right side’s wall.

modern living room decor ideas (12)modern living room decor ideas (13)modern living room decor ideas (14)

Look at the lighting above. It creates contrast with the floor and ceiling.

modern living room decor ideas (15)

An airy and open space living area. White and grey are perfect combination in design a room.

modern living room decor ideas (16)

It’s not really hard to design a modern living room decor, just needs a little planning and preparation.  What you have to do is to browse as many designs as you can, pick up the best design that suits your room and start designing!

8 Stunning Paris Themed Bathroom Decor Ideas

Paris is a beautiful city and here’s why I am writing this list to give you new ideas. If you are remodeling a bathroom or are installing a bathroom to become a Paris themed bathroom decor, then you’ll want to browse Paris themed bathroom ideas. You can create a space that’s efficient, attractive, and elegant by using a few strategic decorating ideas.

It’s not really hard if you have a large space for decorating, the most challenging part is having a small bathroom. But don’t worry, with the right combination of decor, surfaces, colors and lighting, it’s possible to create the look of a much larger bathroom. Nowadays, people want a larger bathroom than before. Older homes will have a small bathroom than newer homes as you can see. Older construction often features small bathroom and then playing with decorating tricks to help creating the illusion of larger space.

8 Stunning Paris Themed Bathroom Decor Ideas
Paris Themed Bathroom Decor (2)

Look at the comfy chair and cute Eiffel tower on the table. Not saying the wall decorations that make this bathroom become perfect.

Paris Themed Bathroom Decor (3)

Paris isn’t always identical with Eiffel tower, you can use the Parisian wallpaper too, it’s really fit with the bathroom color.

Paris Themed Bathroom Decor (4)

Another Paris themed bathroom that is putting Eiffel tower on the sink. I also love the black Eiffel wallpaper that looks like the shadow from the Eiffel tower.

Paris Themed Bathroom Decor (5)

Aside from the Paris framed picture on the wall, it is really nice to put “PARIS” word exactly on the sink. I love the ideas from the above bathroom!
his is the first time I’ve ever seen that putting a bicycle on the bathroom. Awesome and really unique!
Paris Themed Bathroom Decor (8)

The simplest way to create a Paris themed bathroom is by using Eiffel wallpaper. It’s easy and beautiful. Note the bottles that are really special too.
I love the shower curtain of this bathroom. It’s unique and artistic.

Look at the artistic shower curtain and toilet cover. It really suits with the red flower.

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So, what’s your favorite Paris themed bathroom decor?