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18 Beautiful Black and White Living Room Decor

Living room is the heart of our house and it’s also the place where we gather with our family, friends, or guests. Many of us spend most of our weekend in the living room, it could be reading, relaxing, or watching National Geographic.

18 Black and White Living Room Decor Ideas

Black and white is a very interesting color scheme. They can be bold on their own or together. Black and white is also identical with Yin and Yang, which means two principles in Chinese, one negative and dark (yin) and one positive and bright (yang). Their combination makes rooms more beautiful and interesting. Usually a different furniture like couches or carpet with black or white color does the trick, but the whole idea of having a black and white living room decor is to make a harmonize room, isn’t it?

We will show you our collection of living room design ideas that you can choose to your own home. We have gathered many living room design, start from the simplest one to the futuristic one. Black and white is a perfect combination; young and old, yin and yang, happy and sad are some examples of “black and white” in our life. So here you are, 18 Modern Black and White Living Room Decoration for your ideas and inspiration.



Black and white can create an elegant space when you design it right. This room features a bright circle frame with the modern hanging lamp.

black and white living room decor (1)

The cabinets and white couches at the living room make this a space for work and for rest.

Modern room is two simple words to describe the above design.

Aside from the modern white table, the flower-patterned curtain and the throw pillows are really matching to the color scheme.

black and white living room decor (4)

The purple flower really matches the black and white room. You can put plants or wall art on the wall too.

Modern and elegant. Modern sofas and tables make this living room simple yet elegant.

If you don’t like classic black and white room, using an artistic wallpaper or colorful throw pillows will make your entire room look more natural and beautiful.

black and white living room decor (7)

Three perfect combination: White, grey and black. Look at those throw pillows. They are very sweet put on the white couch. If you want to have a bold color on your living room, then red is a good choice. In this design it uses red stand lamp to make a bold to the living room.

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Sweet and elegant.

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Modern furniture is the key of making a modern house.

black and white living room decor (14)


Look at how organized this room is. I love the concept!

We can go on and show you more beautiful photos and living room designs. The black and white living room decor ideas we just showed you sure made our day. We hope that the pictures above give you new and fresh inspiration on how to design your living room that matches your style, I personally like minimalist and modern living room design and the only limitation is your creativity since black and white is always in trend.