15 Wonderful Ideas for Living Room Decor

Living room is the space that we spend most of our times with our friends and family. I am really happy to list the ideas in this post. I browse many of living room design ideas and these 29 ideas are the best for me.

Ready? Let’s get started.

15 Wonderful Ideas for Living Room Decor

1. Pattern Play

ideas for living room decor

Photo by Photo: Karyn Millet; Designer: Hillary Thomas Designs

Pick a color theme and mixing patterns in the living room. This design mixes reds, greens, and browns to create a beautiful space. It uses brown sofa, pink chairs, and green ottoman.

2. Beautiful White

ideas for living room decor

Photo by Photo: Ron Royals; Designer: Lisa Sherry

Many interior designers love using white color because white color can make a room feels larger. You can use different textures too to create your own living room style.

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3. Reading Space

ideas for living room decor 3

Photo by Photo: Ron Royals; Designer: Lisa Sherry

I know many of us like reading in living room. It’s easy to create a space for reading time, just drag a cozy chair next to a bookshelf or over to a window to provide enough light for reading.

4. Simple yet Comfortable

ideas for living room decor 4

Photo by Photo: Ben Gebo; Designer: Annsley McAleer

A Chesterfield sofa with ocean blue, bamboo-side chairs with lime green, and black and white pattern carpet. There are two wide windows near the green bamboo-chairs to provide ample light for reading books. I love the concept.

5. Modern Room

ideas for living room decor 5

Photo by Uma Stewart Interior Designs

Aside from two little chairs that against the wall, there is an extra large table with a unique design. The edge on the table will keep your board games and drinks from sliding onto the floor.

6. Large Space Arranging

ideas for living room decor 6

Photo by Tilton Fenwick

Sometimes decorating a large space is a little bit challenging. The best way is to use an extra-large sofa to stretch out the entire room. The idea is to use an over sized piece of furniture against a wall and put other plus sized accessories (ex a large ottoman) to cover the gap.

7. Staying together

ideas for living room decor 7

Photo by Photo: Peter Dressel; Designer: Frances Herrera

Bring a few splatters of pattern in a neutral room to make it looks more interesting. Look at those throw pillow designs, they’re great and nice to the living room theme.

8. White and Pink

ideas for living room decor 8


If you use a white sofa, then you can use these pink and grey throw pillows to make the living room look more modern and colorful.

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9. Green and Gold Living room

ideas for living room decor 9


This living room is very interesting. It uses graphic prints, wall hanging accessories, and perfect combination between green and bright golds.

10. Modern Bungalow

ideas for living room decor 10


This design features gray-and-cream theme with nice touches of orange color. This living room is just cozy, elegant, and beautiful.

11. Citrus Design

ideas for living room decor 11


Lemon yellow and lime green will make your living room feel wonderful and warm.

12. Reading Corner

ideas for living room decor 11

Stacey Bass

Look at the sofa and orange pillows. The sofa is upholstered in water-resistant fabric so you can put your feet up without worry.

13. Superb bookshelf

ideas for living room decor 13


The floor-to-ceiling bookshelf is just amazing, put your achievements & books inside this bookshelf to show off to guests.

14. Lively Design

ideas for living room decor 14


Rich purple accents are perfectly combined with the blue and white sofa. Not saying the small plant that makes the entire room becomes perfect.

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15. Light and Elegant

ideas for living room decor 15


White couches and garden-style accents makes this living room simple lovely and elegant. You can also use pattern throw pillows to prevent the room look like a hospital room.


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