15 Beautiful Red Living Room Decor Ideas

I love red living room decorating ideas because red is a passionate color. Today we’re going to give you easy and quick ways to decorate your home with red color. Red color mixes well with almost any other colors, but many of us don’t know exactly how to use red to get the best interior design.

15 Red Living Room Decorating Ideas

Red Living Room Decor (5)

A gorgeous living room, from tree wallpaper to red curtains to white chair upholstery. The designer added fur carpet on the middle of the room.

Red Living Room Decor (1)

Just pick red chairs and put on the living room to add the red colors to your lovely living room.

Red Living Room Decor (2)

What a nice and lovely design! The designer added matching sofa to the room.

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Red Living Room Decor (3)

If you want to decorate a red living room decor, then the easiest way is to use red throw pillows. You can also use red wallpaper on the other side of your wall too.

Red Living Room Decor (4)
Red Living Room Decor (6)Red Living Room Decor (7)

Red and white is a perfect combination for living room. You can use two colors to your wall, one side uses red color and the other sides use neutral color, like white color.

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Red Living Room Decor (9)

Putting a tall potted plant to the living room is really a good idea. If you have a single piece of wall art, then you could hang it on the wall too.

Red Living Room Decor (10)

Red Living Room Decor (11)

Red Living Room Decor (12)
Red Living Room Decor (14)
Red color means passion, designer Don Raney of Civility Design (www.civilitydesign.com) in Chicago says, “Red can go everywhere from cherry and happy to angry and aggressive.” So, that’s the key to keep in mind when using red in a room. Don’t put too much red in a room.

Many interior designers use red as an accent color because it attracts attention of your eyes. Red can be used from walls and couches to candles and pillows. The whole idea is to give a modern design to your house.

It’s pretty easy to decorate room with red color. If you have a red jersey or a red artwork, you can add it to your wall rather than letting them bare. Less is more when it comes to the red color.

Look to your decorating and interior style when choosing shade of red.

Find the Right Red for Your Style

  • Country reds
    Country reds are soft reds. Pick reds with pinkish hues or purplish colors. Examples are scarlet reds or a ripening apple red.
  • Modern design
    It consists of all kinds of reds. You can have primary colors to classic hues. Make sure it suits with your living room design.
  • Contemporary design
    A mix of neutral hues and bold color, usually red or other bold color.
  • Traditional design
    Traditional designs often use black tones instead of primary reds.
  • Transitional design
    This is same like traditional design, involves a neutral hues and accent of red.

Red Living Room Decor (15)

A modern red living room design with dark brown chair and light brown couches is perfect.

So what is your favorite red living room decor ideas in this post? Mine is the one with tree wallpaper. It’s artistic and modern.


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