10 Most Unique Wall Clocks for Living Room

For some people, wall clocks for living room are just the same as normal clock, what do you think? The placement of the wall clock actually doesn’t only mean to show the time, but also the room decoration. DO you agree?

In this post I’ll show you 10 most unique wall clocks for living room and how to choose a good one, living room is a gathering place for guests, families, so living room have to be comfort, fun, and yet attractive. What is the role of wall clocks in living room? Unique wall clocks can decorate living room and also make your living room becomes more beautiful. Many people especially give their own time to find the right wall clock to be used as home decoration.

3 Tips on Choosing Wall Clocks

Here are some things to consider when we want to put wall clocks in the living room.

1. It is not recommended to put a big clock on living room. Because big clock isn’t really suitable to be put in living room, and beside that clock will lose its function as accents in living room.

2. Before putting the wall clock, it’s a good idea to consider the room theme. There are different themes of living room in interior design, so don’t forget to make sure your room theme is blended with your wall clock.

3. Choose wall clock color wisely, it is recommended for you to choose the wall clock color that contrasts with your living room wall color. So your wall clock will be eye-catching and it’s easy to look at it.

10 Most Unique Wall Clocks for Living Room

Look at this wall clock, I love the material and the curly style.

Light green clock on dark green wall, it always works!

This is my favorite, beautiful and elegant clock.

Wait, where’s the clock? Oh yes, butterfly clock, beautifully placed on the wall. I loved it!

Amazing wall clock against with the wall.

I love the details of this clock, beautifully made.

Now, I hope you get some fresh ideas now about choosing the best wall clock for your living room.


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